Friday, November 10, 2017

Making Happy Monday’s

Hello Monday lovely’s! Monday’s are weird, aren’t they? I mean, I don’t think anyone really likes them— the beginning of the work week, the ‘I’m so tired’ conversation everywhere. Even the dog is yawning. And if it’s raining, (and you know it is) then forget it, no one’s getting to work on time. But, I have a solution and it’s quite simple really. Stay in bed! 🙂 YES!

But Seriously, although as much as we want to pull the pieces right out of Monday’s, we must start somewhere. Here’s my happy Monday to-do-list.
First, I have two questions for you— (pay attention because it’s so easy not too, nowadays especially, right?) So, how important are your surroundings, and are you truly seeing what’s in front of you? It’s easy to forget, especially on a Monday. But if you’ve been in a space for a long period, you can over-look your blessings. Let me explain.

For me, my home is not only my visual art board but it alludes a feeling of goodness. And the ‘Good Life’ is not about riches, but rather living lavishly modest, in-the-moment and in a caring way. To care about your surroundings and to take pride in wherever you may call home-that is the ‘Good-Life’.
I know what you’re thinking, those clichés are so yesterday. It’s way too simple and everybody says that. They say it because it’s true!

So, what does this have to do with a hopelessly mundane Monday? It’s a day to count your blessings. Ya but shouldn’t we be doing that every day? Of course, but it’s the days that we feel a little sluggish, and blasé that we need that extra push, that extra feel good blessing.
How do you feel when the house is freshly cleaned and organized? It’s a great feeling, right? Or when you smell the sweet aroma of a homemade apple pie you just made from the apples you handpicked over the fall weekend? Or, yes there’s more, fresh laundry coming from the dryer, still warm and smelling like sweet lavender. And don’t forget the flowers you picked up from the market. Any vase will do, even a chipped teacup. We’re not fussy, if it holds a small drink, it’ll work.
On Monday’s, I bake and clean and fuss over the house like I was having company. It’s a feel good kinda thing!

Look at this! An apple pie I made from the recipe below. So yummy!

And I’ll even take special pictures of me and my Jess, just because it’s fun!
So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, make everyday special. Yes, even a Monday! So, tell me, how do you perk up a Monday? Do you clean and bake too?

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