Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello Angels!
June roses are in bloom everywhere in my yard and reminds me how much I've missed pruning, gathering, and filling up vases around the house. I even spotted a few berries the birds left me for my morning cereal. Very sweet!
Have you received your copy of the July issue of Romantic Homes yet? My column, SAY AHH, features the quaint Gingerbread cottages in Martha's Vineyard. Aren't they charming?
Next month,the August issue in my column, my backyard lit for a romantic evening under the summer skies. Be sure and pick up a copy!
Cuteness watch! My little Jessy, looking adorable. He will be 11 this month.. Doesn't he look fabulous for his age?
NEW on my website, this stunning Christie Repasy canvas print in an antique tin frame. Check it out in Vintage Finds!
Also, have you ordered a copy of my new book? It's a charming bedside table book with gorgeous photos, and romantic thoughts and devotionals.
You can order here!
Please drop by my friend Gina Dadian-Peck blog and say hello. Her home is magically! She will be featured in my column SAY AHH in the Sept. issue of Romantic Homes magazine. The prettiest home I've seen in a long time!
Lastly I will leave you with this magnificent photo of the movie, Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane, who is superb in this! I will be watching this weekend-One of my all time favorites! Have you seen it? You will fall in love...
Wishing you a beautiful and safe weekend!


Julie Marie said...

Hello dear Jo~Anne... so much news today!... so happy your beautiful roses are all blooming... what a gorgeous month this is!... I am loving my "Quiet Hour"... it sits right next to my bed on my night stand and I linger over it often... sigh... those homes in Martha's Vineyard are soooo beautiful!... how I would love to visit (live) there!... will pick up a copy of RH today... and Jessy... I love you sweet little pup... puppy kisses to you... and yes, you are adorable!... wishing you a blissful June day sweet friend, xoxo Julie Marie

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Jo-Anne, I just wanted you to know how beautiful your rose paintings are that have the snow fluttering around them. It reminds me of an old Sonny James song "When the snow is on the roses." I received your painting instruction book and I am so impressed with it. You are an amazing artist in more than one way. Thanks for sharing all of you pretties. Have a LOVERLY day! Joanne