Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April!

Spring has sprung in New England!  I can smell the first scents of Hyacinths, Daffodils, Crocus and Muscarinic growing in my garden. My rose gardens took a bit of a beating this winter but, I am dreaming of the day when their first blooms are brought into the house and made into arrangements.
Look for my article in the July issue of Romantic Homes on decorating with ROSES!
I am back in my studio and painting again. It's been awhile and I must admit I've forgotten how peaceful it is to just paint and think of nothing...My New Years resolution is to paint more, and concentrate on getting back to my roots. I sometimes feel, especially when you have "too many pots on the stove",  as I do, that you forget where it all began. For me, its my rose painting. However, I feel the need to stray just a bit and incorporate something other than roses.. Being a self-taught artist, I've pretty much stayed within my comfort zone but I'm feeling the need to challenge myself. I love paintings of old fashion houses, with kids playing in the yard, picket fences and such.. So I think that's a good place to start...
In the meantime, I just painted this old church pew last night. I love the old paint combined with pink roses.. You can find this on my website.
Until next time, Happy Decorating!


MIchaela Staňková said...

Beautiful!!Happy April too you!!!1702dieshro

Primroses Attic said...

Love the roses on the pew.

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi Jo,

Lovely post my dear ! So happy to hear your returning to your roots and your amazingly romantic studio ! Your so lucky to have a studio for your craft! One of these days I will have my own "craft hideaway". The church pew came out heavenly and I look forward to all your new creations. Thanks again for all that you've done for me, you are a lovely woman and I look forward to our project together. Haven't had any super sunny days yet, so that's why you haven't heard from me yet. Just thought I'd let you know that i haven't forgotten dear. Thanks again and I hope your having a great time!
XOXO~ Steph

Paula Good said...

LOVE the church pew! Great vision.

Paula Good said...

LOVE the church pew! Great vision.