Friday, August 31, 2012

The summer of 2012

Hello friends...
  I can hardly believe summer is coming to an end..I'm actually really looking forward to the fall- New England has the best foliage along with apple picking and other fun fall stuff! Summer was a busy one for me, taking lots of pictures, and work, work and more work..But I'm not complaining because my work is my creative force, it's very fulfilling. If I'm not learning something new everyday, I tend to get bored fast.. Photography took center stage!!! Although I love all styles of photography, I'm leaning towards fine art Victorian children's portraits..I've always loved the old postcards and greeting tags of Victorian children- their clothes, demeanor, the settings, how they posed. It was magical..There's a famous artist that lives here in my hometown, Donna Green, her paintings are just amazing. She is also the author of the Velveteen Rabbit.. Her paintings capture a feeling of home-- full of coziness and charm. Take a look at her paintings - Donna Green

If your in the south of Boston area, look me up to schedule a photo shoot. Tell a friend!!! If they book a photo shoot with me you will receive 20% off your photo package and your friend will receive $50.00 off their sitting fee. I hope you enjoy my photos!!!!

Imagine this as your Christmas card- so cute!
Not a huge fan of too much color, but it's essential for portraits! Really makes everything pop!
This little girl reminded me of a young Kirsten Dunst- adorable!


This little guy was soo funny! Loved the apples!
What a beauty!
I hope you all had a wonderful summer!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Believe in the magic!

Hello sweet friends!

I hope your summer is blissful and relaxing, like it was when we were kids.. Remember those days- running, laughing and being silly..Who wants to grow up!!! Not me! People might say I live in a fairytale world----- well, they're right! It's so much more fun!!! Believing in the MAGIC..Does it exist you ask?? Magic I mean??? Only if you want it too- with a positive attitude, faith, and the notion that life can be exactly what you envisioned it to be, just like when we were little. Children are innocent- they tend to see life for what is was intended to be. Life is beautiful, new and an adventure. One of my favorite childhood movies was Peter Pan. I especially loved the newer version with Robin Williams...You see what can happen to a man when he loses sight of his identity- his true sense of self- his childhood innocence. He becomes broken..... Remember the old man in the movie who lost his “ marbles” , yet to re-discover them again… He never really lost them at all- just forgotten for a spell…

But Peter Pan is a fictional character you say…It’s not real.. I mean, c’mon the guy could fly! You definitely have a point there- , however, the concept of identifying with our own true-selves, combating all outside alterations, will ultimately be our reality.

Which brings me to my point.

I had the pleasure of creating a magically ‘ impromptu” wedding in my backyard July 4th for my niece Melissa and her new husband, Stephen. Their love story is the epitome of romance and magic!  

 Meet our own Wendy and Peter Pan-

A quick introduction-

My niece Melissa, who had just moved back to Boston 3 months ago from Florida, (she was living there for 7 years prior)..  He ( the groom Stephen) is  right off the boat from Ireland, whose been living in Nantucket Island for the past 2 years.  They met at the Black Rose in Boston 3 months ago, via me, the matchmaker.. It was love at first sight! After a short courtship, and realizing they couldn’t live one day apart from eachother,  they wanted to elope on Nantucket, however, Melissa couldn’t go through with it without her family by her side.. So, my sister Cheryl ( Melissa’s mom) and I put together a very quaint and intimate ( 25 people in all) wedding in my backyard with literally one week to pull it off. It was simple, sweet and utterly magically .

This adorable sign was all hand painted by my friend Jeannine!

Pillowcases were used for chair covers. Simple and inexpensive.

Wedding don't need to cost a fortune to look pretty.We used whatever we had on hand to decorate the table, gardens and patio. I used antique bedspreads, and tablecloths to hang from the tent and hand-made flowers made from tissue paper for a feminine touch.

A collection of antique candelabras, and simple mason jars were used as centerpieces. I went out that morning and picked wild flowers from an open field near by to fill the jars, baskets and vases for the table and patio. The hydrangeas and roses grow  plentiful in my garden, so again, no fuss, no expensive. Simple and pretty.

For outdoor lighting, I used real lamps and candlelight- very romantic at night.

A hand-made sign for Melissa and Stephen- charming!

Sweet Melissa. What a beautiful bride!

Melissa and her mom Cheryl

Melissa and Stephen- His toast to her was- " I want to make you laugh everyday of your life". Ahhhh

Stripes and paisley.. Love this combination. Again, simple

I love the way they are looking at eachother here- so adorable

Did I mention how sweet Melissa is- You can see her light- it overflows you..

A true Irish hand-ribbon ceremony- it means, tying two hearts together...

To the left is Melissa's beautiful sister April.

Cutting this yummy, pretty cake!

Did I mention what goof-balls they are together ( in a good way)... Always laughing, being silly and being themselves. The true "Pan" way! 

Dinner was yummy and simple. Baked ziti with meatballs, a rice and chicken dish, fresh garden salad and rolls.

Me and Melissa

They had their first dance as husband and wife to a garden floor of sparklers...

True Bliss!

We all had a ball. The guests said, the best fun they had at a wedding. The blissful couple will do it all over again, this time in Ireland for Stephen's family, August 9, 2014.

… believe magic exists-
After all, it’s what dreams are really made of…

Until next time, keep it happy!