Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where does the time go....

It's so funny but this is the first time on my blog in, gosh months, I forgot what it looked like..I'm sorry I haven't been around as much, I'm doing so many things and not much time for blogging. I have started a photography business called, Ruffles and Roses Photography,, please have a look. It's new and will be uploading alot more photos in the next couple of weeks.  I will be specializing in artistic, stylized portraiture. I love being behind the camera, it's a long love and passion for me.. Whether it's for a home I'm shooting for Romantic Homes magazine or high school seniors, new mothers or pets, my creative mind goes into overdrive. I want to create, magic! I prefer natural light than flash photography. There's nothing prettier than backlighting on a subject, that's when you can have some fun creating. Photography is like painting a picture. I haven't forgot about my rose loving friends, as I will still be providing my art work too, so please visit me for exciting new items I have in store for you later in the month...

Here are a few images from my new website Ruffles And Roses Photography

 Ruffles and Roses Photography by Jo-Anne Coletti

On another note, Romantic Homes magazine has featured one of my rose paintings, as well as my rose garden in the June issue. Lots of tips on getting your roses in blue ribbon form...I hope you enjoy!

Blessings to you my sweet friends,
Jo-Anne xo