Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Fall!

Hello friends! Happy Fall!!!!!! It's been so beautiful here in the east coast; today especially is in the high 60's. Love Indian summer don't you!
In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn't resist dressing my little Jessy up in this vintage black veil. So cute don't you think!
This haunting shoot is one of my favorites. Nicole wanted something moody with a dark, edgey feel.
Don't you love her red hair???
On another note! I'm very excited about my new monthly column in Romantic Homes magazine called, "Say Ah". My hope is to bring you all as much "pretty"  as humanly possible!!! My Jan. article is all about, what else, WHITE! And the Feb. issue promises to be our most romantic yet!
I can't show you too much, but
here is a sneak peek of the Feb. issue...
Take a look at Muriel's cottage-- A white staircase where the walls are covered in hand painted roses.
Muriel's dog Biscuit looking absolutely adorable!!!
NEW to Vintage Rose Collection.
 Our 2013 romantic calendar.. Hurry, get yours while they last!
Until next time,
 Happy Decorating!


Julie Marie@Idyllhours said...

Hi Jo~Anne... Happy Fall to you too!... sweet little Jessy looks just adorable, and Nicole is beautiful, love that first shot of her especially!... can't wait for the new Romantic Homes to come out... much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

North Carolina, United States said...

I love your pics and enjoy visiting you.
Garden of Secrets

Darlene said...

Looking forward to your new column and the February issue of Romantic Homes. Your photography is beautiful. take care, Darlene

rosaroseblogg said...

You are a great inspiration for me! Thanks!! March last year I was in hospital, lost feeling in left side unable to speak. That night I asked God to show me something to focus on in my mind: He showed me pink roses the whole night, new once all the time. I promised Him: If I could ever move again, I`ll paint them for His glory. After some days I got a magazine, still in hospital, I wished for Jean d ark living, and you where fetured. I cried and new that some day I will also paint pink roses. long story short: lots of medicine, checks: diagnosed MS. One month a fret, I was healed by Jesus through prayer from Rolland Baker. Now I started to blog, in Norwegian, the name means Pink rose blog, to spred my roses. Be blessed and keep on spreading blessing!! <3 Lisbeth from Norway.

Vintage Rose Collection said...
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