Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Website Coming!

My NEW website is coming soon! Some products will remain while others will no longer be available. So be sure and visit soon, before your favorites are gone..

My new magazine, The Feminine Home is getting great reviews. Thank you everyone, for your continued support!

To order click here!

On another note- I have many of you ask about the
Extreme Makeover Home Edition show- The show will be airing on 11/18 on ABC. As they can occasionally be pre-empted, be sure to check your local listings as the date approaches. Look for my hand painted items..

Until next time sweet friend, Stay sweet!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I love a perfectly exposed photograph, it’s invigorating!

Digital photography has made everything so easy for us, hasn’t it? Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to pick up your photos at your nearest photo lab to see how your pictures came out? I worked at a photo lab years ago and I would witness disappointed customers with photo after photo of underexposed or overexposed, blurry or out of focus pictures; mainly because you couldn’t view your photos beforehand. Now with digital cameras, that’s all changed, and we have Lightroom, Photoshop and other great programs to help us along with a “not so great photo.” And, with easy point and shoot cameras, it’s hard to tell the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional, trained one. Or is it? If you’re paying attention there is. Let me explain...
The photos you see here were taken with the canon 7d by Jennifer Froh.

While many point and shoot cameras take wonderful pictures, you loose the ability to be creative.

 Professional photographer, and my dear friend Jennifer Froh, has been mentoring me on portrait photography. Jen's photo business is based in Flower Mound, TX. She serves the North DFW metroplex, including Dallas, Fort Worth Double Oak, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Southlake, Carrollton, Highland Village, Grapevine, Lewisville, Argyle, and Coppell, and specializes in Pet & Portrait Photography.  Jen has mastered the art of taking the perfect exposure. Her composition is effortless, her superb lighting techniques on her subjects are soft, yet punchy, flawless, interesting and captivating, and combined with her remarkable way to master depth of field, Jen proves she has a professional, trained eye. The Real Deal! Please be sure and visit Jen's gorgeous website and blog.

I love a brown haired Kittie, so cute. Read below for adoption on this little cutie!

Jen's work has graced the front cover of The Bark, Issue 66, Sep/Oct 2011

Jen's adorable pug! My favorite!

This adorable, blue eyed  Kittie is up for adoption on Jen's website.

Jen recommended to me the book, Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. An excellent book to truly understand the meaning behind correct exposure. I'm still reading, and learning, I love it!!

I took some photos of my son's friend, Annie, "in manual". Of course, the camera loves her so taking a pretty shot of her was easy. However, my exposure was not quite right,and even though I was outdoors, the lighting was off giving the photo a flat look. While you want to get the best shot possible straight out of the camera, if you do happen to fall shy of a great shot, there are ways to help fix the problem. With that said, there is a down side. As you can tell by my photos they are not as sharp and crisp due to alterations.
 Jen, helped me out with some tricks from Lightroom. The improvements she made really helped to make Annie's beautiful face shine.





A action spring vintage was used- Florabella actions.

Thanks Jen for all your expertise and support!

Thank you Annie for letting me photograph you, and for your patience!!!!