Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Feminine Home- "Where The Heart Is". Coming August 1st!!!

My "NEW" baby, The Feminine Home- Where The Heart Is!
I'm very excited about this next issue. If you liked the first edition, The Feminine Home, Special Edition, this one promises to be that and MUCH MORE!!!!

Available August 1st.
Reserve your copy NOW!


New Hand-painted RoSeS Chalkboard!


My newest creation- I loved making this, and it was very easy to do. A can of chalkboard paint, purchased at Lowes and your in business.
Your project can be an old window, glass frame, watering can, planters, a wall or really anything with a smooth surface. 
1. Chalkboard paint
2. A good brush
 Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to your project using long, smooth strokes to any clean, smooth surface.
And Voila!!!!

You can purchase my chalkboard ROSES frame on my webshop-

 Until next time, happy painting!