Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You Romantic Homes

I remember years ago sitting in a Barnes and Noble book store flipping through the very first issue of Romantic Homes magazine. I was in awe, as at that time there were very few really romantic publications. I thought, finally, someone understands me! I immediately became a subscriber. I was hooked as many of you are as well. I saved clipping after clippings and even have a Romantic Homes scrapbook that I reference from time to time when I need inspiration...

Over the years, Romantic Homes has always been so very good to me, and I am ever so grateful. And now, I am honored to be a contributor for this lovely 'old friend' Romantic Homes- Thank you Jacqueline! I am delighted and thrilled!!!

My outdoor retreat in the June issue.


I recently joined a fun website called, Pinterest-

It’s a site where you can share your photos and repin photos you have found from other sites. It’s so much fun and a great place to find interesting images. I have had a love for photography since I opened my website back in 2002. For me, setting up a vignette and capturing what I felt inside was life changing. From then on, any occasion I had going on was a photo shoot- a live moment to capture nature, life or something as simple as pink lemonade bottles waiting to tell their story.

Photography is about telling a story, capturing a mood, a feeling, to cause people to reflect inwards. A truly beautiful photo is not always about its obvious beauty, but its essence. To move someone in a way that stirs emotion. This is a gift.

The photos I have selected for this post were found on the web- please a sincere apology for not knowing the names of the talented photographers of these images. For me, these photos are more than just beautiful, they have soul...

I hope you were inspired...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Finds!

My new French inspired chair was purchased at Home Goods for a song, 199.00, not a bad deal for such prettiness.

I love the color of these lemonade bottles ( purchased at Home Goods), they are lovely with these turquoise glasses... 

You will find these delightful photos in my second edition of The Feminine Home, coming soon!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Whenever I see lilacs...

Whenever I see lilacs, forgotten memories of my childhood come back to me.  Aside from their magnificent aroma, lilacs greet the world at springtime like an old friend. I remember picking arm fulls of this fragrant flower with my mother as a young girl.  Anything that could hold water was filled with lilacs.  What a beautiful site it was; the whole house smelled so fresh and sweet...

I picked these on the side of the road where they grow wild for miles on end. My car was crawling with tiny spiders, but I figure it's a small price to pay for such loveliness...


Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Feminine Home ( Second Edition)

A quick glance into my second issue of The Feminine Home, Where The Heart Is.

The lovely home of Lonnie, from Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine, is featured...

 I am now taking orders, so if you would like to be put on my mailing list to be notified when this issue is available please email me at-

I hope you all had a blissful Mother's day!! Wishing you a fabulous week!
Love Jo-Anne

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enchanted Treasures Monthly Mantel

Hello Friends,
My very dearest friend Roberta over at Enchanted Treasures asked to feature my mantel for her monthly mantel make-over. Hope you will check it out along with Roberta's past mantel features. They are so inspiring!!! Thank you Roberta!

Until Next time, Happy Decorating,