Friday, April 29, 2011

You Can't Please Everyone!!!

When we speak angrily in negative criticism about a person, we attack or criticize in that person not that person's legitimate weakness or misdeed, but instead we attack that person's greatest strength, or gift, to hide that very wrong or flaw in ourselves. Jim Hogue

Hello Friends!
With the second edition of my magazine approaching, "The Feminine Home, Where The Heart Is,” I hope to bring to you once again, beautiful homes, lovely poetry, and spiritual devotionals. There is still so much to be done, and being a one woman show, the author, publisher, designer, writer, and proof reader, there are bound for mishaps and flaws along the way. After all, I am only human. I give 110% of myself in everything I do; at least I try very hard. It comes from my heart... 

I received one email in particular from a subscriber of my magazine (whose name I will not disclose) who writes-

“I strongly suggest you look at a copy of your next magazine before printing the rest this time. Watermarks and pixilated pictures really detracted from the experience"!

I know I cannot please everyone all of the time-No one can. It would be impossible to even try. Nonetheless, my vision is to bring awareness of our own inner beauty; our soul’s natural instinct to hear the music of a raindrop pattering on the windowpane, to see the beauty of a single rose, to find the bliss in ordinary living deep within your heart. This is my symphony.

Finding pleasure in little things is about living life “in the moment”- allowing your mind to be fully engaged in the everyday beauty that surrounds you. There’s a home-spun feeling of living life, simple- It brings reflections of days gone by with a charm that time has polished sweet.

Those are my hopes for you sweet reader. And if there are a few  flaws, a few imperfections, please forgive this "one woman show"…
Always know, I give you my heart, first...

Until next time, happy decorating,



Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Oh Jo-Anne,
I never understood why people have to be so hurtful and mean. It's like the old saying says,"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Why do people always feel the need to point out others flaws? It amazes me that you do the whole publication on your own, you have every right to be proud of your magazine, it is a huge accomplishment and it's fabulous!!!!
I can't wait to see your new one!
Take care.

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Dear Jo Jo ~ I can tell that you were upset when you wrote this post and it makes me sad. I'm so sorry. You have to know what an amazing job you did on your beautiful publication. I find that usually when people make comments such as this, they are not really critizing your work, but they are, in fact, jealous of it. That's what it seems like to me. Also, why do some people "hide" behind their computers and act like they can say or do anything? Would they act that way in person? I highly doubt it. You are an amazing friend and one talented lady! Don't let the haters bring you down! (*_*) ~Stacy~ xo

Michella said...

Hi Jo-Anne...
I am one of your many FB friends and a huge fan of yours. I'm usually pretty quiet and don't leave many comments but when I read your blog I knew I had to comment on this. I am a HUGE people pleaser. Ususally it's not a bad thing :)) but when someone is critical, it doesn't matter if a million people love what I do I will focus on the one negative comment. But you are absolutely right about not being able to please everyone!! I'm sure whoever left that comment probably thought they were being helpful (in some odd way) but are lacking severely in the tact department!!
You are beautiful and amazingly talented and should not give this negative comment another thought. Be encouraged my friend and know that there are so many more of us that love your work and are so inspired by you than the negative ones that just want to tear you down.

Cathy Carter said...

Dear Jo-Anne,
you have done a wonderful job with your magazine, with your site, with your talent and with your beautiful manner and creativity. Do NOT let this person upset you, I know its hard, it happens in everyday life, but I remember from The Secret a quote: 'mediocrity always attacks excellence' - remember this, because you should be SO proud of everything you have done. My life, and Im sure this persons is not perfect, how dare anyone critisise. My home is very 'different' in style - shabby/oriental chic - I love it, but some of the comments I get - well, I just smile and say "I love imperfections" - I dont like perfect". They dont know what to say. So my lovely 'friend', take heart that you have many, many idmirers all over the world - including me.
take care & warm blessings,
Cathy (in Australia) xxx

Lilla Blanka said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,


I never understand why some people always want to complain and be mean... Try to ignore it (easier said than done, I know...)

I along with thousands of other love your work and are really looking forward to the second edition of your beautiful magazine!

Huge hug from the other side of the Atlantic ocean..! ♥

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I totally agree with Melinda to keep quiet when you can't be nice!

Your first magazine is just beautiful and am anxiously awaiting your next!

Keep are doing a wonderful job!

Susanna said...

Dear Jo-Anne,

I never understand why some people always want be mean...

I love your work. Soo beautiful.

Huge hug from Sweden

Shabby soul said...

Darling Jo-Anne your first magazine was so full of beauty, I LOVE it!
The second one surely will be gorgeous the same! Don't you mind who only wants to hurt. Criticism can be good, if it comes in useful to think in how we can improve...
Go on with you style and your sweetness my darling friend!!
I'm going to feature your new book in my blog :)
Many hugs darling

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Dear Jo~Anne... I am so sorry you have received emails like this, your magazine is so very beautiful and the fact that it came straight from your heart is what I see and love the most... how soon can I order your second edition? I am so excited that you have done another one and cannot wait to get one... sending much love to you and little Jessy... xoxo Julie Marie and Tess

chateau de fleurs said...

Dear Jo-Anne, I meant what I said on FB, your magizine is breathtaking and you took it above and beyond in excrllence and it shows!!! I am looking forward to your second publicaton. Sincerely, Christie


Dear Jo-Anne,
congrats to your JDLiving feature! So pretty pictures! My friend Bianca's home is also in it...
I wish you joy and success with your second Feminine Home publication!
Hugs, Mira

Cathy said...

Dear Jo-Anne,
I enjoy looking through your magazine at the end of every day to be reminded of all that is beautiful in this world and how amazingly talented people like yourself are sharing their vision with others. Thank you for that.
I am happy that you are creating another issue and enjoy your blog.
You shine the light of elegance on a troubled world. There will always be unhappy people. You have a friend here!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

I ABSOLUTELY Love your magazine, and find myself perusing it quite often!! I can't wait for the second edition to come out, and I know it will be just as beautiful as your first!

Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

Sentimental Roses said...

Wow how sad when people look to see flaws instead of all of the beauty!!! Jo
I've shared this with you years ago in private emails but I haven't shared it online before until now... I was involved in a car accident a little over 10 years ago. This accident changed my life in too many ways to mention. I was and am in major pain! In the begginning I had a very hard time dealing with everything changing all at once. I've always loved Jo's work and her beautiful home. To help get me through those hard times I made what I called a memory book. In that book had a lot of pics of Jo's home, her roses, special words along with some other pictures that I carefully cut out of my magazines. When I was in major pain and still trying to live with it I would pull out that book or go to Jo's website (big time picture stalker lol) at the time had a ton of her pics of her home & work!! If it wasn't for Jo and her amazing talents and the beauty she shares I don't know what I would've done. It was thru seeing the beauty thru Jo's eyes and her lovely home that helped me get to where I am today. It calmed me & took my mind off of the pain long enough for the meds to work a little.. She gave me a focus in my mind that reminded me of what I loved (lace, roses pink, etc) and although I am different now ...I couldn't let the accident take the inner me with it!! I've gone through alot since that day and my house will never look as beautiful as Jo's but I never gave up that dream & little by little I do what I can to make it reflect me. I can't thank you enough Jo for all of that and for you along with your lovely emails & the beautiful words from your dear friend Natalie !! So please continue to grace us with your talents and visions we all have those moments where we need a gentle reminder to breathe and enjoy the beauty around us!! You are beautiful both inside & out and I am forever grateful & blessed to know you!! xo

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Giving your heart is all that matters. The 'flaws' can also be seen as beauty...if we choose to see the beauty in all things. I have not been able to purchase your first magazine because my hubby lost his job. We've had to pinch pennies. But I hope to buy it soon. I was reading the Poetry by Natalie you have on your website...does she have a blog? I so appreciate her heart and thankful you have her poetry posted. I saw that your new magazine will be coming out soon on Shabby Soul blog. I know it will be lovely. Gentle blessings to you.

One Shabby Old House said...

It's always the little bit of sand in the oyster that makes a beautiful pearl. You will only become better my friend and in my eyes your work is way over the top wonderful! I was told a long time ago to sift through criticism. If there is something in it that can refine us, use it, and if not just let the wind blow it away.. Don't let it steal your joy because it is from that place that your soul speaks to canvas, camera or pen.
And the bottom line are loved by many!!
Hug and love,

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

You are right in saying that you can't please everyone. Don't even try. Mostly wanted to congratulate you on seeing that beautiful spread about you and your exquisite home in Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine.Your style is so dreamy and soothing...your artistry certainly overflows into your decorating! Congrats again!
Blessings & Hugs,

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Thank you ladies for your love and support. I really appreciate that! I of course only posted one line of that email,there was much more to it. AND, quite frankly, I have never experienced anything so passive aggressive and cruel.
Possible a case of sour grapes like you said Stacy...Very sad individual indeed.

My new issue will be coming out mid summer. You can pre-order now to save your copy. This issue will focus on all whites. It's a beauty!
Love always,

Linda said...

I'm confused. I've looked through my issue many times and never noticed anything wrong. I saw all the lovely images, the quotes and the writings but I never saw anything that wasn't lovely. Maybe we see what we are looking for. I feel so sorry for that person.

Diane Taylor said...

This publication is one of the most beautiful items I now have in my possession!! Such inspiration!! You have achieved more than you could have hoped for. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this and then sharing. We are all blessed by this and the beauty you have shared! Thank you!!!
Diane Taylor