Friday, April 29, 2011

You Can't Please Everyone!!!

When we speak angrily in negative criticism about a person, we attack or criticize in that person not that person's legitimate weakness or misdeed, but instead we attack that person's greatest strength, or gift, to hide that very wrong or flaw in ourselves. Jim Hogue

Hello Friends!
With the second edition of my magazine approaching, "The Feminine Home, Where The Heart Is,” I hope to bring to you once again, beautiful homes, lovely poetry, and spiritual devotionals. There is still so much to be done, and being a one woman show, the author, publisher, designer, writer, and proof reader, there are bound for mishaps and flaws along the way. After all, I am only human. I give 110% of myself in everything I do; at least I try very hard. It comes from my heart... 

I received one email in particular from a subscriber of my magazine (whose name I will not disclose) who writes-

“I strongly suggest you look at a copy of your next magazine before printing the rest this time. Watermarks and pixilated pictures really detracted from the experience"!

I know I cannot please everyone all of the time-No one can. It would be impossible to even try. Nonetheless, my vision is to bring awareness of our own inner beauty; our soul’s natural instinct to hear the music of a raindrop pattering on the windowpane, to see the beauty of a single rose, to find the bliss in ordinary living deep within your heart. This is my symphony.

Finding pleasure in little things is about living life “in the moment”- allowing your mind to be fully engaged in the everyday beauty that surrounds you. There’s a home-spun feeling of living life, simple- It brings reflections of days gone by with a charm that time has polished sweet.

Those are my hopes for you sweet reader. And if there are a few  flaws, a few imperfections, please forgive this "one woman show"…
Always know, I give you my heart, first...

Until next time, happy decorating,