Monday, February 14, 2011

A GIVE-AWAY and White Dreamy Bedrooms

Do you like WHITE as much as I do?? AND, do you have an all white shabby chic style bedroom you're just dying to show off???? If so, I would love to see them. I cannot tell you why just yet, it's a surprize
Please send me your photos to-

 I am also having a GIVE-AWAY!!!!  for my magazine
"The Feminine Home"

Photo by sweet Jessica at-

Plus- A set of pretty post cards from my original art work.
(6 in each set)

All you have to do is leave a comment on how the color WHITE makes you feel?
AND, add my photo of my magazine " The Feminine Home" to your side-bar with a link back to my blog. It's that simple to win!
The winner will be announced March 1st.
Good Luck!!!
Happy Valentine's Day sweet friends!


Faery Charming said...

I love the color white. It makes me feel clean and fresh, especially when it is painted on furniture. I love having a white bedspread and sheets. They are so restful and cool

C Pohl said...

the color white makes me feel home has a lot of white and i love walking into a room that is all shades of white!!


gerri said...

i love your website and all shades of white and ivory. they make my mind feel light and free. the dreamy pictures in your book give me that same feel as do your roses. i would love to win this!!

Laurie Roemmele, Ph.D. said...

I will always love whites and ivories throughout my house, in addition to my love for including roses and the garden feeling throughout my home. Jo-Anne has inspired me for many years since I first saw her work in several magazines. I would love to have the Feminine Home in my library, and continue to be inspired in this way of life !!

Jenny said...

To me white means light, purity and clean. But most of all renewal. I love walking in the evening after a snow storm and everything is so white. For some reason, the world seems so calm and quiet to me during this time. I like white outdoors mostly but do like some white indoors.

Lady-in-the-Making said...

What a lovely giveaway! I've so wanted to order the Feminine Home but haven't been able to afford it.

White....represents purity to me. White is a calm, fresh color that relaxes me.

Alba Linea said...

love your blog! your pictures are allways so nice! best wishes and luck for me to win the sweet treasure! ;0)

Claudette said...

White brings me clarity with a fresh and clean feeling..It's like I wake-up a new person each and everyday...

Rella said...

I so love white. I feel feminine and ethereal wearing and being surrounded by light, lacy, beautiful white. Since I know live in the desert, I feel cooler when I come home and put my white house p.j.s on and it's something I have done since moving here over 12 years ago. I never ever tire of the peaceful bliss of white.

xox Rella

Tanza said...

Hi Joanne,
I just adore ALL white rooms .. There is something about the white, bright, that just sends me into relaxation .. very calming to the heart and soul !! Lovely rooms you've shared !!
Ooohh .. PLEASE enter me in your wonderful give-away !! your roses are to die for beautiful, and that magazine is just the BeSt ones my little eyes have EvEr looked at !! Mine is worn from repeated use !! hahaha ..
LoVe to you my friend, on this lovely Heart of Days ~
Hugs to you ~TeA~ xo

Sandy said...

Thanks for the heads up, dearie!

White creates the most serene environment. We traditionally imagine heaven all white and poufy-cloudy!

With an overstimulating world, retreating to an all-white bedroom is rest for the eyes and balm for the spirit.

Nice giveaway, thanks for your generosity!



Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Anonymous said...

White has such a dazzling appeal especially when you add beautiful fresh roses to it's background. Today being Valentines Day, how sweet it is to decorate your dining room with an exquisite white lace tablecloth and place a beautiful vase of gorgeous roses in the center. Happy Valentines Day to all :) Pam B.

Georgia said...

Oh, white is my favorite is the reason we purchased the home we live in now.....all the rooms were painted white!! Even now, 11 years later 80% are still white. It is neat, clean, and relaxing to me and easy to frequently change your decor colors!!

I love to visit your website and feel at home there!

I've admired your magazine and just haven't had it in the budget to purchase yet so would be thrilled to win a copy + the postcards! Thanks for the opportunity!

On my to post your magazine photo and link on my blog!

Grandma G's

magpie chic said...

The colour white is an absence of busyness, a zenful calmness, a place to retreat and restore your soul.

Becky said...

A few years ago I came across pictures of an old kitchen tuned into a beautiful kitchen. It was just perfect! It was your kitchen. I took inspiration from those pictures to change my home. Since then I follow your website for inspiration. I was able to purchase white sheeting fabric last year at a very inexpensive price and was able to sew cushions slip covers for a used wicker set I bought and painted for my patio. Company and the cats can sit on it all they want and I am able to take them off and throw in the washer and dryer!
I do not have a blog or website but I thrive and visiting all the wonderful site on line, especially yours! I cannot afford your book but would like to have a chance to win it. In a few words…. White Means to Me: Pure, soothing, delicate, clean, versatile, carefree, and romance.

Thank you,
Becky in California

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I came across pictures of an old kitchen tuned into a beautiful kitchen. It was just perfect! It was your kitchen. I took inspiration from those pictures to change my home. Since then I follow your website for inspiration. I was able to purchase white sheeting fabric last year at a very inexpensive price and was able to sew cushions slip covers for a used wicker set I bought and painted for my patio. Company and the cats can sit on it all they want and I am able to take them off and throw in the washer and dryer!
I do not have a blog or website but I thrive and visiting all the wonderful site on line, especially yours! I cannot afford your book but would like to have a chance to win it. Please consider this my entry. Thank you
In a few words…. White Means to Me: Pure, soothing, delicate, clean, versatile, carefree, and romance.

Thank you,
Becky in California

Sharon Wengel said...

The color white makes me feel fresh , clean , and it makes every other color stand out and say look at me !

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hello Jo~Anne :) Love that pic of the first bedroom, so dreamy!! Even though my home is decorated in mostly pinks and greens, with lots of accents of whites, I do love the look of an all white room ~ it has such a peaceful and relaxing feel to it. I already have a copy of your beautiful magazine, but would love a chance to win a set of your beautiful postcards :)

Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Okay, I've just put your magazine pic for your giveaway on my sidebar, with it linked right back to this post :)

Anonymous said...

The color white makes me feel clean and fresh!!! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and website. You are so very telented :)

NicNacManiac said...

Such a fun giveaway!!
White evokes a dreamy aura....makes me feel as though anything is possible, not to mention how absolutely wonderful everything is with a bit of white love!! Your magazine looks oh so romantic on my blog it!!
Fingers & toes crossed!!
Happy Heart Day xOxO Nerina

Shabby soul said...

Darling Jo-Ann how can I not partecipate?!! :)
White is just my color: in the last months I started to turn all my home white, walls, furniture, details...
To me White is light and freedom.
I'm also changing my bedroom in an all-white room.
Have a nice day darling friend!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Jo~Anne... I use white to add little touches to my other colors... my home is full of roses and the colors of Nature, not all white, but I love to add beautiful vintage white treasures here and there, especially love my vintage french water pitcher full of flowers... I always have your beautiful magazine The Feminine Home on my sidebar with a link back to you! Please enter me in your generous giveaway... xoxo Julie Marie PS We adopted a new little stray we rescued... her name is Tess... she sends doggie kisses to Jessy!...

Terry Pompeo said...

Refreshed-cleansing the mind-love old chenille white and off white bedspreads-your roses are so so lovely-do not have a blog or wesite but enjoying the new "pink ladies"....Terry B P

Caroline said...

White makes me feel calm, fresh and relaxed. White makes everything refreshed and clean.

Faythe said...

White ..lovwe makes me feel clean and fresh...romantic yet pure...but best of all white makes me feel HAPPY...

I would love to win this give away...and love visiting your blog makes me feel happy too..thank you

stefanie said...

I am really starting to love white, I find it refreshing and clean, I am slowly getting rid of the color and starting to go just white with some soft colors!! thanks so much for the chance.

Holly said...

I have loved the color white for as long as I can remember. It is a clean, fresh, and pure color that evokes a special feeling to me.

Bambi said...

Whites and creams I've loved since a small child. My grandmother's dining room table was smothered in ribbons, laces and shoe boxes ready to be made into cradles - white doll houses and childrens tables and chairs, lambswool rugs, mantels and walls - any colour goes with white - is it any wonder I love whites and creams!! I don't have a blog site but just wanted to share my thoughts! Terryx

Tina said...

Is this giveaway only to other blog users?

Mary Ellen said...

White just has a calming and serene feel to it and I love the way you can add touches of different color here and there for a whole different cheery, blue, spring feel to a room. It really is the perfect color which I know they say is not a color.

bee blessed

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

They are gorgeous rooms, the colour white makes feel relaxed, and fresh it brings a scence of space and light where ever it is used. I am bringing more and more white into my home as my space is small and it makes it lighter and open.

Tina xxx

Nicky said...

white is pure, white is innocence.... white is coming home in a house that fits me like a glove. white is always making me feel calm....

love the pictures of the white bedrooms, mine is not finished yet. but inspiration is flowing again reading this blog!

Southern Bears said...

If "white" was music, it would be the song of the soul.

I have The Feminine Home and it already has a vintage appearance! Would love a new copy. Your blog is absolute eye candy.

Pat xx

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderful bedroom shots,,doing another book/magazine perhaps...I do not have a white bedroom, yet...

White makes me think of sheets on the clothes line, that smell so good, and will feel so crisp and cool in the summer.
White also is the color of heaven and the angels wings.

FrauSchmitt said...

Dear Jo-Anne,
thank you so much for reminding me to take place in your give-away. I'll happily do and would love to win a copy of your gorgious book.

All the best and
hugs from Germany,


my white home said...

I love white :) Always have since I was a little girl.

my white home said...

forgot to say how white makes me feel...

To me, white is pure, dreamy, heavenly, relaxing, calm and exquisitely beautiful.
White goes with anything but doesnt need anything. It can stand alone and be breath taking.

White makes me feel happy. It makes our home look larger and uncluttered too.

Candy in Canada

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I love white but I like marrying it with other antique and vintage pieces ... In my eyes too much white makes it start to feel sterile and cold... Just my personal taste and feeling but I do love white pieces with distressed and timeworn elegance....

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

The white color palette is soothing and refreshing. It gives a sense of calmness and cleanness. Your magazine is so beautiful and tastefully done. I would love to be included in your giveaway and I will be happy to post your magazine button to the sidebar of my blog. Thank you for including me in your wonderful giveaway.

Linda K. said...

The color white allows so much potential. You get the feeling of starting with a clean, crisp, (I love starched white linens) pallet. It gives you a comforting feeling and also makes you feel as though anything you can imagine is possible. You can always use accent colors with it also to accomodate the Season or theme if you wish. It just makes me feel good!

cherryl said...

A bedroom all in white makes me think clean, fresh, cool and relaxing. i do like the look but love pastels to much to go all white. maybe some time i will do a spare bedroom in white. but i love your style. ROSES, PINK, LACY. WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOUR MAGAZINE AND ESPECIALLY THE CARDS. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN THEM!!!

Lisa said...

I found you by accident and I am so glad I did. I LOVE your talent of painting and making me dream and get lost through your images. White makes me feel:
W elcoming
h armonious
i nnocent
t ranquil
e legant

smallpac1 said...

I Love the color white it reminds me of sweet angel hugs sent here from above, to make you feel tranquil and clam, I would Love to have a heavenly room to sleep and admirer

Dolly said...

The color white is like a cloud wrapping its arms around you and making you feel soft and comfy.
Its romantic and welcoming!
I do not have an all white bedroom but I do see one in the future!

Love your blog and your paintings!

Hugs, Dolly

smallpac1 said...

I Love the color white it reminds me of sweet angel hugs sent here from above, to make you feel tranquil and clam, I would Love to have a heavenly room to sleep wake up and admirer

linda said...

Hi Joanne,
To me white is heavens color. It's pure, clean and just heavenly.The color white can make a sad looking piece of furniture beautiful. You can never go wrong using the color white.I have lots of white in my home.I plan on redoing my bedroom in creams and white.I have alot of normandy lace i plan on using in my bedroom makeover. Hopefully i'll start soon.
Please enter me in your giveaway.I'll keep my fingers cross and maybe just maybe i'll be the lucky winner.
Big Hugs, Linda

licha20 said...

at P.E.A.C.E.......white makes me feel this way. *sigh*

Pamela Jane said...

Although I already have a copy of your scrumptious book, winning another copy would give me a chance to spoil someone else. :)

Pamela Jane said...

Oh, and white is such a serene and calming color to make one's home welcoming after the fray of the day.

Olivia said...

Ohhhhh, your book looks so deelish! Thank you for sharing your romantic heart with all of us! I am a dreamy romantic and I must tell you that white makes me feel like I am in heaven. Clean. Peaceful. Pure.
Like you could splash some color in on a whim but if you need that calm mute the colors and return to your basic palette of creams and white!
Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

Dragonfly Creations said...

White adds a feeling of tranquillity and peace in my home. A soft and romantic background, the perfect setting for fragrant peonies and roses.

Mercedes said...

Whites shemes are my favourites lately. Love the light at my home and white reflect it perfectly.

I wanted to say you that I have a post each month
( called twelve months , twelve books ) telling about a book I like and this month I have talked about your new magazine that I bought last December.
Please take a look about what I wrote at

I hope you like the pics I took and nice Spanish girls buy it too and enjoy as much as I do . I added a link for it.
Warm greetings from Spain.

Pattygloria said...

I love white, especially white sheets. Nothing beats the feeling of clean, fresh, crispy white sheets.They are so comfy and romantic.I'd love to get a copy of your magazine.
Gloria xxx

lluisarc said...

Hi Joanne,
I found your blog by Mercedes.
It's beautiful! And answering your question , white is peace and calm, grandeur, cleanliness and ...
in summer, when we take the sun and we get brown, white brings out the dark of our skins!
Pardon my English, because I used the google translator.
Thank you!

Virtudes said...

Hi Jo-Anne: Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I would like to participate in the lottery. White to me is the color of purity and me a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Thanks. Greetings

Anonymous said...

I wrote you when I received your magazine but my message came back.
I truly enjoyed your magazine "The Feminine Home". It is now one of my favorite books.
When I was much younger I always preferred color in my home and my mom loved all things white. I would always get annoyed at her for bringing that color up.
But today, I can't get enough of the color white. It makes my home so cozy and beautiful.
Unfortunately, the change over is taking time but it's OK. I have some vintage white pieces that I just love. I love the texture of all that is white.
Your magazine is one of a kind and I would tell everyone to buy a copy. You won't find anything on the news stands to equal this book. It is stunning.

Marilyn Gruba

Bee happy said...

Just found your blog today and I love it, it is totally amazing, love the pictures, a totally white house is my dream.

I would love to have these rooms in my house.

Bee happy x

malu2 said...

Que blog más maravilloso tienes,el blanco es luz,pureza,limpio,ES VIDA.
Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo,ya estas en mi blog.
Besos desde Spain.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh my eyes just light up when I see an all white room, just like they did when I received your book that I had ordered. I did a post about beautiful rooms with lots of whites, for my White Wednesday post on Jan 4, and showed your beautiful book... I absolutely LOVE it!!! I look at it all the time, it's so inspiring! When we built our home about 13 years ago, we had every room painted white, years later I went thru a spell where I wanted everything painted a soft muted gold, wanted it to look like it was 100 years old, you know the old world look. I'm so glad that I only had my Dinning room painted, because now I want to paint it back it's it's orignal white! I plan to do a lot of decorating this year... I want everything in my home to be white, with the exception of my husbands den. I'm so glad that my husband doesn't care how I decorate as long as I leave his man cave along, so that works great for me, because I love White, shabby chic, feminine, and anything French! I will try to put your book on my sidebar, I've been having trouble trying to do that lately but I will keep trying... and what a generous giveaway, would love to have a chance to win!
Blessings~~~ Daphne Nicole

Mary Nell said...

White is dreamy, calm and draws me in. I always stop to look at decorating books or magazines that feature white rooms. White is heavenly, it soothes my soul and makes me smile. I appreciate colorful decorating, but coming home to my white, shabby French decorated home puts me in a peaceful state of mind. Loving white....would love to win your magazine as I'm still working on my place and could use your magazine for inspiration...

Inmaculada said...

El color blanco me transmite paz y tranquilidad.
Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta.
Muchas gracias por tu generosidad

girlythings73 said...

White in all shades with texture creates a clean sense of well-being. Love it.

Catherine said...

I adore white, especially in our bedroom. We only ever use white vintage cotton sheets & marcellas on our bed..just so romantic & peaceful....combined with all things roses of course!

Lynn said...

JoAnne, the color white makes me feel so feminine, so alive.. pure, calm, peaceful and is so very relaxing.. I love seeing white being used in the decor of one's home.. as it is so very inviting..

I've shared your magazine on the sidebar on my blog..

Your giveaway is absolutely beautiful!


lisasbarbies said...

The color white makes me feel new and fresh with the hope of another glorious day to give thanks to our Lord. White also brings to mind the thought of angels watching over us in the clouds. White gives you the clean, fresh feel, like the way your clean sheets on your bed felt as a child...The shabby chic colors of pink, green and white just make me feel like a lady!

Doni said...

White makes me feel clean when I'm dirty, Cool when I'm hot, and Awake when I'm sleepy. It exudes pureness and welcomes like friendly arms.
There are so many shades though! And they are all so different...and they make you fell differently too. Such a lovely color!!!
Blessings, Doni

Anonymous said...

Dear Jo-anne,
I have ordered several copies of your book "The Feminine Home" and I think it is one of the prettiest books I've seen in awhile. I don't have a blog but if I win I would like to display your book in the antique store I've been in the past 12 years. I've advertised it by word of mouth to customers and friends. I love decorating with white so much that I've redone our house with creams and whites. I love any furniture with old white, chippy paint. I've only done whites in my antique booth for many years as well. I hope you can enter my name in your drawing. Thanks, Cheryl Alexander, Alpharetta, Ga.,

Katty's cosy cove said...

I love white, it set a feminine and soothing mood, but I cannot live in an all white house, I need my pretty and colourful painted roses.:)

Cindy said...

I love the color white, it makes me feel very feminine and having it in my decor feels very calming. I would love to win your magazine. I have put the cover of the magazine on my blog.
Hugs, Cindy

Pretty Pink Cherub said...

WHITE!! White makes me feel calm and happy... joyful!! Being someone who suffers from anxiety I have found the combination of white and pink to be very relaxing and sweet for the eyes!

I would absolutley LOVE the oppertunity to win your beautiful book and I am honored to add your link to my blog!! Many BIG hugs and thank you for sharing so much beauty with all of us!! I do enjoy all your paintings and beautiful photos you share!! Tammy

Roberta said...

Drifting on Cool, Cloudy, Clean, Calm and Charming White. You're in my sidebar Jo. I love your magazine Jo. A work of art and labor of love. xo

Anonymous said...

The colour white just makes me feel so calm. I love it.
(I am sorry, I do not have a blog).

Mary said...

Hello Jo-Anne, I love white,but do not have a white bedroom. One is pink and white:) All my wicker is white and curtains in my sun room,with soft yellow walls.Makes me calm.(the feeling of the first snow) peaceful...I will put you on my side if I can copy and paste? Hugs,Mary:)

Allie said...

I love the color white, it makes me feel is like a hug. I love all shades of white, it is just beautiful.

Cameo Kids Boutique said...

Hi Jo-Anne, I came across your magazine on another site today, & I just went to your Facebook page to find the link to order the magazine. I realized I hadn't done it yet & had really wanted a copy. This magazine has a special meaning to me because I tried so hard to convince you that the photo of the clothes hanging on the clothes line would be the perfect cover. Loved all the other photo choices but this one really spoke to me. It was UNIQUE! I saw your post on Facebook & thought cool beans! Maybe I could win it!My hubby was adamant about me getting a copy because in the you did pick it! I was going nuts about here, constantly commenting to hubby "She just has to pick the cloths hanging on the cloths line! I drove him nuts! There was such a beautiful feel with that picture! (You made me so happy when you announced your finale choice :) Hubby said "YEA you WON! Get it! I know it wasn't just me that helped you decide on that, but I pretended it was hehe.

Ok now for what the color white makes me feel..... It’s a heavenly feeling, of peace, restfulness, calmness, tranquility, elegance, a clean lightful feeling, a freeness, and romance. And no matter what a day may bring, white just seems to bring the balance back to make me feel better. Even more so if it's done with an antiquely or old feel.

You bring so much beauty into our worlds; one can’t help but follow everything about you! :) Thanks Jo-Anne for all you are & create. Your work softens our world with so much talent & inspiration and beauty, & I love learning from you! (P.S….even if I don’t win…I’ll still get the magazine! Thanks for the opportunity!

Hugs & Stuff!
Cameo Kids Boutique

Link to my Blog with your photo in the sidebar. I also blogged your offer' & shared it on my facebook page too: DebiRowseWillhoite. You're so worth sharing! :)

CIELO said...

I'm I too late to enter your lovely giveaway? I can't believe I just found you... too bad I'm late! ;)