Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping it sweet!

Bringing a little romance to 2012

You can see these photos and others in the Febuary issue of Romantic Homes magazine...

Until Next time, keep it sweet!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gustavian Design

Gustavian Design is a Swedish design that was influenced from the court of Versailles.  The hallmark of French-Nordic style is simplicity with airy, open spaces. It uses minimal accessories and avoids unnecessary items.
Read more about this inspiring style along with my photos showcasing Gustavian decor in the January issue of Romantic Homes.

A little pink for Christmas...

These beautiful images below were found on-line without name, Photographers unknown?

Snow angel...

There's no place like home....

A little peek before Christmas....

Love & Friendship Sweet Friends,
See you next year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A letter of hope for Christmas

A letter of hope by Maureen Hancock: Famous Medium, and Author As I lay in bed today trying to get up to prepare for tonight’s event, I could feel each and every one of your precious children gathering, as if to get ready for this unique reunion. I tried to imagine each of you struggling to get out of bed each day, dreading the supermarket or the simple task of answering the phone. I sat in the feeling of you trying to get through each “First” without the laughter and physical presence of your child; first birthday, anniversary of their passing, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and of course, Christmas or whatever you celebrate, or choose not to celebrate. I wondered if it feels just as raw Ten or Twenty years later…still missing them. Here is a letter I have written for you from them.
Mom, Dad, it’s me. I’m still here. I know it’s hard to believe sometimes or understand in the way I try to show you, but I’m still me. I hear you talk to me several times a day. When you hear nothing back, or you say I don’t answer, that doesn’t mean I’m not right there next to you, smiling. I smile because I know things you won’t know until the day I reach my hands out to you and we’re together again in a more familiar way. In the meantime, I will keep trying to show you I’m okay and still around. If a friend or relative calls to tell you they got a sign or had a dream of me, please know that I tried to reach you first but the line was busy, or full of pain. When you quiet your mind and learn to clear the clutter, I can get through better.
Tell my brother’s and sister’s to live for me, and do things to make me proud. If they don’t want to talk about me, it’s just that the pain is too much to bear so they bury it to survive. Let everyone in the family grieve in their own way. Try to laugh again and get out of the house. When you can do that, it sends waves of love through my being. Let go of unwanted and useless feelings like guilt, anger and fear. I can’t break through those. Here’s how I let you know I’m not dead; just different:
I’m the butterfly that dances around you as you walk. I make rainbows appear even when there is no rain; I made that red dragonfly land on you as you thought of me. The hawk sat perched outside your kitchen window and then swooped down as you stood on the deck or in the car. I keep making my song come on and you know it’s me. I stand beside your bed and brush my hand against your face. I sent a text or phone message after I passed-yup, I’m amazing. I can do things you can’t wrap you’re brain around. You saw my face in someone else-it’s called transfiguration. I was the old guy who smiled at you or the strange woman who asked you a poignant question. The woman in the mall called out to her son…it was my name. I saw you get the tattoo my brother, and I can’t believe my sister got one too. Mom always hated tattoos…now she has one. Dad, you taught me so much. I didn’t get the chance to thank you so I’m doing it now. It’s never too late to say I love you. Hug my siblings and do things that are out of character for you. Mom and Dad, my siblings think they lost me and you. The best gift you can give me is that you will promise to live for me and I will live through you…you will see me again one day, but until then, LIVE, LAUGH, and celebrate my memory. We are so much more than this physical vehicle that drives us around for awhile. Lift your head up and run around the bases, sliding into home, into my arms. I’m not dead; I’m just different.

Maureen Hancock

My wish this christmas is to spend just one more day with my mom and dad... This letter gives me hope that although I can not see or hear them, they are right by me, every minute... I love you mom and dad xo

I hope you find peace, love and joy this season

My tree this year, silver and simple

Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas sweet friends!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Angels for Christmas

I love angels, and especially for Christmas...

Here are a few angel images from Crave Photography. Her work is breathtaking!

Stunning aren't they.. So inspiring....

Now to leave you with a few humble photos of mine, sweet jessy, my best model...

Wishing you and your family a happy & healthy holiday!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Great News!

Hello Angel Friends! I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

 I'm working with an Italian shabby chic style magazine and they are looking for new homes. If you want your home to be showcased please send your photos for consideration to me.. Thanks!

Until next time, Keep it sweet!
Jo-Anne xo

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Fun News!
 If your a fan of the show " Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" then you must have seen last nights Thanksgiving tear-jerker! The Dunn family, the soupers, as they are so well known for. An amazing family with a heart of gold. I was honored and thrilled when the designers of the show asked me for something hand painted to decorate the house as the owner loved shabby chic roses. So I took an antique frame and painted the glass with chalkboard paint, then painted white cabbage roses on the front. They had written, " Welcome Home" to the Dunn family. I loved the pink wall paper they chose, just lovely. Here's a few screen clips of the chalkboard frame. You can go to to watch the episode..

Although I am still painting roses, I have been very busy these days with my new photo business. I never thought I would be doing portraiture but it's been one of the most challenging and amazing things I've done in years..I still have so much to learn but I'm having so much fun doing it. I've been looking for unusally backdrops and found the most gorgoues "shower curtain" EVER!  ok, Picture this, a French chair, a vase of fresh roses, and one of my clients in a vintage prom dress with this shower curtain in the background. Love!

Heres another pretty in pink to make any girls heart smile..

Until next time angel friends,
 Keep it sweet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Website is up and running!!!

Hello angel friends! It's been a while..I have a very full plate these days but I'm happy to give you an update on my new website. It's FINALLY up and running.  I love love love! New items will be coming very soon, I promise..
Hope you are having beautiful fall weather, as today it is in the 50's. Can't complain.. Love to you all!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Website Coming!

My NEW website is coming soon! Some products will remain while others will no longer be available. So be sure and visit soon, before your favorites are gone..

My new magazine, The Feminine Home is getting great reviews. Thank you everyone, for your continued support!

To order click here!

On another note- I have many of you ask about the
Extreme Makeover Home Edition show- The show will be airing on 11/18 on ABC. As they can occasionally be pre-empted, be sure to check your local listings as the date approaches. Look for my hand painted items..

Until next time sweet friend, Stay sweet!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I love a perfectly exposed photograph, it’s invigorating!

Digital photography has made everything so easy for us, hasn’t it? Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to pick up your photos at your nearest photo lab to see how your pictures came out? I worked at a photo lab years ago and I would witness disappointed customers with photo after photo of underexposed or overexposed, blurry or out of focus pictures; mainly because you couldn’t view your photos beforehand. Now with digital cameras, that’s all changed, and we have Lightroom, Photoshop and other great programs to help us along with a “not so great photo.” And, with easy point and shoot cameras, it’s hard to tell the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional, trained one. Or is it? If you’re paying attention there is. Let me explain...
The photos you see here were taken with the canon 7d by Jennifer Froh.

While many point and shoot cameras take wonderful pictures, you loose the ability to be creative.

 Professional photographer, and my dear friend Jennifer Froh, has been mentoring me on portrait photography. Jen's photo business is based in Flower Mound, TX. She serves the North DFW metroplex, including Dallas, Fort Worth Double Oak, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Southlake, Carrollton, Highland Village, Grapevine, Lewisville, Argyle, and Coppell, and specializes in Pet & Portrait Photography.  Jen has mastered the art of taking the perfect exposure. Her composition is effortless, her superb lighting techniques on her subjects are soft, yet punchy, flawless, interesting and captivating, and combined with her remarkable way to master depth of field, Jen proves she has a professional, trained eye. The Real Deal! Please be sure and visit Jen's gorgeous website and blog.

I love a brown haired Kittie, so cute. Read below for adoption on this little cutie!

Jen's work has graced the front cover of The Bark, Issue 66, Sep/Oct 2011

Jen's adorable pug! My favorite!

This adorable, blue eyed  Kittie is up for adoption on Jen's website.

Jen recommended to me the book, Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. An excellent book to truly understand the meaning behind correct exposure. I'm still reading, and learning, I love it!!

I took some photos of my son's friend, Annie, "in manual". Of course, the camera loves her so taking a pretty shot of her was easy. However, my exposure was not quite right,and even though I was outdoors, the lighting was off giving the photo a flat look. While you want to get the best shot possible straight out of the camera, if you do happen to fall shy of a great shot, there are ways to help fix the problem. With that said, there is a down side. As you can tell by my photos they are not as sharp and crisp due to alterations.
 Jen, helped me out with some tricks from Lightroom. The improvements she made really helped to make Annie's beautiful face shine.





A action spring vintage was used- Florabella actions.

Thanks Jen for all your expertise and support!

Thank you Annie for letting me photograph you, and for your patience!!!!