Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's almost June, and that means wedding season. So, I thought I would share with you a collection of photos I found while surfing the web. Some I have had in storage for ideas in case I should ever re-new my vows. Oh how I would do it all so differently. Just check out this photo back in 1991. Does Linda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz come to mind? What was I thinking!!!
I love weddings! Even now I will browse through a bridal magazine just to view the pretty dresses, yummy cakes and photos. Whenever there's a wedding in my family my sister and I are the first ones to jump in and lend a creative hand. Now, planning a wedding on a blog is alot less stressful than in real life..I'm sure any bride-to-be can attest to that! So, in the spirit of wedding season, lets have some fun!
Here are a few bridal photos I fell in love with and I hope you will aspire to as well..

The Dress
Vintage, Simple and Elegant.

A modern day romantic. Love the ease and flow of this one...
My favorite dress from the movie 'Emma". So Romantic!

Now, For the flowers. What comes to your mind???
Roses & Peonies. This would be my pick. Soo Pretty!
Or maybe this one. Look at the old lace on the stems. I can't decide...

Do you prefer a rustic wedding in the country or in a grand hotel?

This suits me perfectly. I like it here...What do you think?
Pure Bliss wouldn't you say...
A lovely wedding cake...
 Glowing amongst the roses...

or fancy & flowery cupcakes?? Something different, I like these!

Now, for some show stopping wedding photography by Simply Bloom

Click on photos to enlarge, they are breathtaking!
This was alot of fun! I hope you enjoyed this magical wedding interlude.
It's not about the destination but the journey itself..

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I try to write you a little poem with every post...

I've been enjoying packaging your pretties up this week and shipping them off to you. Usually my son Mark helps me, However he is very busy with his signs and making a wonderful business for himself. I am so proud of you honey!
I've also been spending time in my rose garden. It's pruning time and I can hardly believe the new growth already. Last year I planted two Peonies bushes called Sara Bernhart. They are the prettiest pale pink color. I can't wait to cut my first blooms of the year. Here is a photo from last year.
Eden Climber is one of my favorites, shown above. They are a hardy bloom and the perfect cutting rose.
Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I wrote you a poem

Glorious Rose Arbors are 

Roses & Chandeliers, a perfect marriage don't you think?
Continued from my previous post, Spring Cleaning- Shining antique crystal chandeliers is no easy task, but well worth the effort when they are on display and sparkling. I like to use a chandelier cleaner that you just spray on and let it dry itself clean. It really does work. All you need is a drop cloth to catch the wet drippings. This sconce shown above I purchased on ebay some years ago along with the French Chandelier below. This was shown in my very first issue of Romantic Homes August 2002.
Happy Spring Cleaning Angel Friends!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A first of many poems to come...

Hello Spring chickadees! It's really Spring-Summer time in Massachusetts- it reached a record high of 92 in some areas. But that's New England, we are use to never really having a mild Spring-time. But it never stops me from my annual spring clean-up. While hubby and his crew work the out-side, I'm hard at work in the house clearing shelves, dusting walls, decorative plates, china and chandeliers, painting the fireplaces, laundering slipcovers, pillows and throws. Phew! Whoever said the Shabby Chic look is easy..Ummm..wait, I think I did..I'm not complaining, but, I've been contemplating. For one thing, do I really need all these pillows. I must of washed 30 slipcovers in the last two days. Not to mention my 4 sofa's with white denim slips. Question- How many people does it take to put on a still wet from the washer slipcover? Let’s just say I have to wait until my family gets home. I think I am complaining..So what's my point. While I won't change my color of all white anytime soon, (I need a bright palette,) however, I think a big down-sizing is in order. If you notice Rachel Ashwell's design has changed somewhat introducing a rustic feel with less of everything. For me, my eyes need peace as I age. So for the next few weeks take notice to my website as I will be cleaning house. Lots of great stuff coming soon..

In the meantime, here’s my Spring cleaning in action. Before and after of my all time favorite Victorian cubby that holds all my china.

Until next time, happy Spring

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the world of blogging, "visually speaking", great photographs can make all the difference in your presentation . Like a beautiful magazine cover. The reason you picked it up in the first place was purely visual. It captivated you enough to look inside. Which leads me to my new camera lens. While I like the camera lens on my Canon Rebel for home interiors, I've been experiencing with Canon's little lens that could- All for under $100.00. It's the 50mm 1.8. It's lightweight and affordable, and offers a fast f/1.8 aperture-- an excellent lens for people who like to shoot in low light. I use it for my product shots and my photo's are very sharp and clear.

 I've also been having fun with actions for photoshop that I found through Raised In Cotton. If your looking for camera tips this is a great blog}. The site for the actions is called Flora Bella . They have actions and textures you can purchase very inexpensively. Here are a few samples I've done with the Vintage Set.

Before using 50mm lens

Using "Vintage Classic Action"
I love the original photo however, if your looking for something muted with innocent hues this is a nice option. It gives a bit of an aged appearance.

Before 50mm
After using "Sweet Vintage" action.

Using "Vintage Classic"
Also using "Vintage Classic" action.
I don't like to use the actions at 100%. They can appear over-done. You can adjust them for a more sudtle effect, while still maintaining the intigrity of the original photograph.

My cousins Giselle & Janice. This is a gorgoues photo in itself.
For a vintage look I used "Vintage Vigenette" and "Vintage Classic".

 My baby sister Susie- This is a pretty picture " As Is".

For a vintage sunkissed look -I used "Vintage Sunlight, Lighten & brighten and vintage vignette".

Happy Easter sweet friends!