Friday, August 27, 2010

I need your help? Which cover do you like best???

I can't decide on the tea stained photo above, or the orginal photo of the clothes line. This looks fresh but also like the aged look. DECISIONS!!!!

This one reminds me of an antique gift book.

Which one would you pick up???
Please post your comment, I really appreciate your feed back ladies!
Love Jo-Anne


Julie Marie said...

Hello Jo~Anne... oooh, I love the one with the beautiful clothes out on the line... I hope you choose that one! I am so excited to receive my copy of your magazine! xoxo Julie Marie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Jo,
I would pick up the one with the beautiful lace clothes in a heartbeat if I was at the store even from across the room! I was trying to decide between the pitcher covers and then when I scrolled down and saw the clothes cover, it knocked my socks off. It is beautiful.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh my they are all so pretty but my choice is the clothes line (I promised I didn't peek at others comments!)

bee blessed

Aurore said...

Coucou Jo-Anne,
Difficile de choisir car elles sont toutes très belles.
Je dirais soit la 5ème ou la 6ème photo.
Bisous bisous.

Jennifer Froh said...

I like #5 and #8! Hugs! Jen

Sharon Wengel said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
They are all beautiful , I can see why you are having trouble choosing , The one with the clothes on the line is my favorite, but they are all great !xo Sharon

Cameo Kids Boutique said...

Hi Jo~Ann,

It's me again! :) I have commented to death about this on your facebook page lol. Your probably sick of my opinons. I don't normally ever get involved in this kind of thing that much ever. I love the dresses hands down. When I look at the picture, it's a place I would love to be for what I feel inside looking at it. It's different from the norm and norm gets boring after awhile. This is ohhhhhhh, awwwww, restful, quiet, a serene getaway at home space. I do love the others too but the dresses are unique. I love vintage also, so maybe that is why i'm so pulled to it and vintage is soooo popular now days! You know one of my very favorite pictures is the one you have on the blog in your Out Door Napping post. The very first picture is awsome and I also love 8 & 9. Your work is just stunning period. I'm sure what ever you decide it will be beautiful but I hope it's the dresses! I just love outdoor spaces more than in my house where I am more time than not, and that picture is beautiful! I need it to hang on my wall! Good Luck in your decision! :) (P.S. think outside the norm box) :) I would love this magbook, how do I get one!?


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Deb,
I love all your comments, thank you for showing so much interest, love your passion.
I too love the clothes photo, its a photo that takes you away to a comforting place for sure..The cover is why you would pick any magazine, so it has to speak to all. Right now, combined with FB its # 1 thats the big hit, so we shall see. Regardless, both pics will be in the magazine if it doesnt make the it will be enjoyed.
Thanks Love!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jo-Anne...I must agree ~ I would definitely pick up a magazine with the cover showing the lovely clothes on the line. Glad to know we will be enjoying all the wonderful photos!!

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hello Jo-Anne,

I loved all of them until I saw the lace vintage dresses on a line amidst the roses in the background. That setting really sparks something inside that is quite inviting. They're all bellisima, but I prefer the lace dresses! I can't wait until the book comes out! I also would like to comment on a decor question for Rachel Ashwell.

What color would you choose for the exterior of a Cape Cod style cottage home?

Thanks a bunch,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne :)
I like the 3rd picture from the bottom best of all. The one with the tin vase of mixed flowers sitting on the chair.
My second favorite would be the clothesline one although I would have liked it better on grass because otherwise it looks a little too western for me.
The pictures with more white than cream look fresher.

Im sure whichever you decided on, people will buy the book no matter what so you cant really go wrong.

And, you should go with the one YOU are leaning towards the most otherwise in the future you may not be happy with your choice, if you chose what everyone else likes.

candy :)

Tutti Chic said...

this is pure torture! how can we possibly choose-they are all gorgeous!lol! I think if I HAD to pick it would be the clothes hanging on the clothesline. This was a hard decision Jo! xo

Laurie said...

I love the one with the lace dresses on the clothesline the best! Speaks of true femininity!!

Ginger said...

I love the one with the clothes on the line. Just beautiful. Almost mysterious. If I saw it on a cover, it would be in my hands to buy.

lala said...

I am really liking the original photo of the clothesline, it just speaks to me so I would definitely want to open it up. The peony is lovely also, but the old lace draws me in like a magnet.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Joanne ~ I pick the first photo with the darker background behind the clothes. I like the farmhouse chic feel to it.

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi JoAnne,

Just beautiful as always. I love the pic of the the pitcher. I think it's colorful and romantic for a cover.
The magazine will be perfect with either pic that you chose. I have to look for a copy! lol
Have a wonderful week,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Mit Liebe zum Detail said...

Hallo Jo-Anne!Oh my God somethink like beautiful I have ever seen.I love her Blog,it's fantastic.How much will the book cost.Nice Greetings from Austria-Edith.

Rella said...

i absolutely would reach for the lovely clothesline photo if it were on the news rack...a pitcher of roses is gorgeous...but it's been done and the clothesline makes you wonder what is inside.

xox Rella

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Jo-Anne, I both liked pic #1 and pic #4 but between the 2 would go for pic #1 the vintage clothes with a tea stained look. Very pretty, feminine and vintage looking. Even though I have to admit they are all winners if you ask me! take care, Maryann

Trisha said...

I am drawn to the bright dress photograph. While tea-stained is lovely, I like the freshness of the bright one. Although, I do think the floral one is quintessential Jo-Anne Coletti! So I guess I am of no help here. Best Wishes on your decision!

linnea-maria said...

I would pick up the book with the pitcher and old wallpaper, but I love all of them.Best wishes /Therese

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

The last one.



Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

I LOVE, love, love the tea stained clothesline photo! All beautiful tho.


A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Hi Jo-Anne! I love the second pic down..the one with the clothes hanging all dreamy and sweet. (the one that looks like a real photo and not a painting) I would buy that on the cover shabby romantic!!!!

Kristen White said...

They are all so beautiful....but my vote is for #3.

Tommie Jo said...

I like the very last one with the flower!

Doni said...

I just love the tea-stained first one, and the last one with the edging of print...they seem to catch the eye best as well as make the words pop.
I'm new to your blog, just now found it, so I hope you don't mind me chiming in!
I'm off to catch up with your posts and beauties!
Blessings, Doni

The Shabby Paris Market said...

I LOVE the tea stained cover. It really goes with your vintage feel. With the clothes hanging out on the line, in the old farmland. Just looks perfect.
I am following your blog now. And it's on our sidebar for other visitors to view. Please stop by, follow us too.
See you soon.
Jen & Dawn, AKA The Shabby Paris Girls.

Fish Tail Cottage said...

Definately the Rose w/the vintage beautiful!

Mary said...

I love the frilly clothes on the line for sure. Lovely.