Friday, August 27, 2010

I need your help? Which cover do you like best???

I can't decide on the tea stained photo above, or the orginal photo of the clothes line. This looks fresh but also like the aged look. DECISIONS!!!!

This one reminds me of an antique gift book.

Which one would you pick up???
Please post your comment, I really appreciate your feed back ladies!
Love Jo-Anne

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interview with Rachel Ashwell-
 Need your help!!!

If you could ask Rachel anything about decorating, what would it be??
 Please post your questions to Rachel here.

The article will be available in my magabook in September...
Maybe your question will be in the book!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well, here I go again, making last minute BIG changes..The orginal name Vintage Blanc is spoken for and with all the searching I've done to prevent this I find it now.. So, I'm playing around with some names.  Actually I think Feminine home fits well, as not all the homes are just white in the book.  Or the obvious Vintage Rose.. Umm,  Love to know your ideas for a names too???
Ok, The cover. It is the reason for picking up a book in the first place right. I will need your opinion in the next few days as I design and re-design the cover of MY MAGABOOK. It will be huge, beautiful and inticed with inspiration. A real girl's girl read. Here is just a sneak peak as to what's inside. Excuse, Some of the text has not be written leaving filler text. Please leave a comment, Your thoughts are most appreciated.. 

Due out late September!!!
Email me to pre-order now

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pretty New Finds!
A trip to the Wrentham Country Store always leaves me smiling.. My new finds..
I have great ideas for this ghostly mirror in the back, and the pink hamper is the best pink ever!!! Really!

I think the pale blue parasol is a keeper...

This pretty pink plate was made in France.
Check later this week for these pretties in Vintage Finds.