Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A first of many poems to come...

Hello Spring chickadees! It's really Spring-Summer time in Massachusetts- it reached a record high of 92 in some areas. But that's New England, we are use to never really having a mild Spring-time. But it never stops me from my annual spring clean-up. While hubby and his crew work the out-side, I'm hard at work in the house clearing shelves, dusting walls, decorative plates, china and chandeliers, painting the fireplaces, laundering slipcovers, pillows and throws. Phew! Whoever said the Shabby Chic look is easy..Ummm..wait, I think I did..I'm not complaining, but, I've been contemplating. For one thing, do I really need all these pillows. I must of washed 30 slipcovers in the last two days. Not to mention my 4 sofa's with white denim slips. Question- How many people does it take to put on a still wet from the washer slipcover? Let’s just say I have to wait until my family gets home. I think I am complaining..So what's my point. While I won't change my color of all white anytime soon, (I need a bright palette,) however, I think a big down-sizing is in order. If you notice Rachel Ashwell's design has changed somewhat introducing a rustic feel with less of everything. For me, my eyes need peace as I age. So for the next few weeks take notice to my website as I will be cleaning house. Lots of great stuff coming soon..

In the meantime, here’s my Spring cleaning in action. Before and after of my all time favorite Victorian cubby that holds all my china.

Until next time, happy Spring


Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Goodness, I got exhausted just reading what all spring cleaning you have been doing, LOL! It does take a lot of work to get things all fresh and clean, but well worth it when it is all done, right. Just wish we could wave a magic wand, and presto, have it done in a snap :) I should get started on doing some spring cleaning myself, but haven't "worked" myself into the mood yet. I'll get there, though :)

Mariette said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,

We do have something in common as in our home there is lots of white; it brightens up life during the dreary days of the year. Now they're over but they'll be back again!
Your eyes need peace as they age you state, often I wonder how some people manage their days amidst loud and even clashing colors ~ while having a headache...?
Good luck!
Mariette from Georgia/USA

A Cottage Muse said...

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Thanks for taking a break from cleaning and so we could take a little peek inside your home, looks lovely!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Jo~Anne... your photos are so pretty... lucky you having nice warm weather, we have been having snow here all week and it is sooo cold! I want Spring so bad. I too have started my Spring housecleaning, while it is so dreary outside... and I am also paring down some... but I will always have beautiful roses everywhere in my home, along with all of my Nature finds... your kitchen cubby looks so very pretty... I also love so many of the items in your Vintage Finds in your shop... kisses to Jessy... xoxo Julie Marie

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...



all I can say!

Tutti Chic said...

LOL! I've been doing the exact same thing Jo in my own home. I love my white slipcovered couches & chairs & even though I complain about washing them every few months(I'm the one who wanted white & I'm complaining??) the end result after I put them all back together is SO worth it isnt' it? Everything smells so fresh & looks so crisp again! I hear you with the pairing down~I've streamlined so much & even crossed over to grays, whites & touches of black. Great post~you deserve a delicious treat & some tea after all that work~xoxo chris

Cindy Geilmann said...

Hi my friend, love that your spring cleaning your house. My home is not all white, it's tan and white with alot of fall accents. I feel like changing though. I guess it's time to move.

I love your work and you tenderness.

Big hugs

Burlap Luxe said...

Breath taking, I need a double lung transpalnt, I am left breathless.
I have seen your featured art in magazine layouts and drooled all over them.


Tanza said...

Hi Sweet friend ~
Can I just say "I KNOW what you mean" .. I have been crazy cleaning for two days, and just wonder why and where did all this come from ?! There is soo much I just LoVe and adore, and could Never part with, BUT, soo much has been packed and put in the over stuffed shed !! Your home is to the moon BEAUTIFUL, and I LoVe my peeks with you inside .. I'm loving your beautiful kitchen cubby .. Everything you touch, is simply Shabby Sensational !! Have a wonderful week-end, and squeeze in something fun ~
hugs for you Jo


Alicia ~ time worn style said...

I totally agree with you Jo-Anne, I still love the shabby chic look but I find I have evolved with it to be a bit more "me" That involved a bit less clutter, still have a little way to go but not too far!

roses et macarons said...

Wow! That's so lovely...

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

This is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen!!!! Breathtaking! I love paths to nowhere :) You have been so busy!!! I am loving your gorgeous shelf!!

Obee Designs said...

Hi Joanne,
I just found your blog from Burlap Luxe and I am in love!! There is something so wonderful about roses. They are so delicate and feminine...I just love that! As a matter of fact I just did a post about roses not too long ago. I wish I had seen your blog before I did the post, I would have put a link to YOUR blog and some of your work in it! No worries, though, there is always more time to talk about roses, for sure!!
If you get a chance stop by and check it out. I think you might enjoy!!
Have a wonderfully rosey day!

Martha's Favorites said...

Your home is beautiful. I find that the best thing about dusting is that you find things you forgot you had. Blessings, Martha