Thursday, February 11, 2010

 Dovetales Antiques & Home Magazine-
One of the most fulfilling journeys in my career is my contribution as the Lifestyles editor for Dovetales magazine. I've been fortunate to meet the most remarkable, creative women in the design field that have truly enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. It has inspired my imagination to express, create and dream...

Great news from the Editor and Chief of Dovetales, Michelle DiPersio

As many of you know, Dovetales Antiques & Home magazine started out as a small, regional publication, printing four issues per year, with a small, but exceptional group of women and a Pete. Since then, our family has grown into a unique and talented team of deisgners, decorators and editors. And now, we've decided to take the next step and reach out to our dedicated readers, the community and the world.
This past season, we tried something new. We made our entire holiday, 2009 issue available-on line as a way for all to enjoy. The results were overwhelming. We surpassed our three-month distribution time in less than 30 days! So, thank you to all who visited Dovetales website and we hope that you enjoyed the issue.

NOW, why not upload the entire Dovetales Home collection on line? With 14 great issues spanning more than 5 years, it was an idea worth investigating! So, for all our dedicated readers (and many new ones to come), we've compiled all of our past and current volumes on-line for all to enjoy.
CLick here to visit the Dovetales website to down load.

P.S. We would like to say a special THANK YOU to my favorite bloggers who have been wonderful supporters of Dovetales magazine. You will find your credits on the Dovetales " Our Story" Page- 

Fondly, Jo-Anne