Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, my new years friends, I hope 2010 is starting off with a bang, a good bang that is... A new year to me means starting fresh, like spring cleaning if you will. Brushing away the old and making room for new ideas, concepts, friendships and spreading good will.

So, whats new? First on my agenda, custom graphics and banners for your website, blog, ebay, or ESTY. For a long time now I have been asked by web owners if they could use my roses and photography in their banners. I saw no way of controlling how my work appeared nor who was actully using it. So, I've come out with my own banners for you to purchase. They are all pre-made, your business name will be added, and once sold they can not be used for anyone else. I hope you like them, and there are lots more coming very soon. To Purchase.
I've fallen head over heels with French style decor. Whites, creams, dark woods, French papier and European linens are what I'm drawn too. You can find these pretty new items on my web boutique in Vintage Finds.

It's always a pleasure to work with the beautiful Miss Fifi, editor of Romantic Country magazine. Fifi is one of my all time favorite women on the planet, always gracious, and warm, inspirational with a clever sense of humor. Be sure and visit the lovely Fifi's blog.

I truly enjoyed writing the article in the latest issue of RC " Admiring Nature". I hope you found some tips on decorating with baskets, vases and antique collectibles.

Love & Friendship,