Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A quick hello and a warm, heartfelt Thanksgiving blessing to you my sweet friends. I'm not cooking this year, just a batch of double fudge brownies and garlic green beans. YUMMIE! The brownies are in the oven, I lit a cozy fire and there is a generous dose of Christmas music on the radio. A no -no usually before Christmas but I've indulged early. I do love to listen to the oldies, like Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and Andy William's classics. I remember last year my Dad made the trip from Canada to be with us on Thanksgiving. He loved this holiday most of all as he said, there is no pressure like the busyness Christmas can bring. Just a nice quiet, relaxing day enjoying a meal with your family. I'll be going to my sister Susie's house this year who has graciously opened her home to 15 of us. The table will be set beautifully as Susie always does, with a bountiful of our favorite comfort foods we love. We thought we would set a place at the table in memory of my dear mom and dad. This year will not be the same without them, there is an emptiness in my heart that can not be filled. I am truly thankful for the gift of being their daughter and knowing the most extraordinary human-beings on earth. I love and miss you mom and dad, so very much...
To you my sweet friends, you are a true blessing in my life. And, I am ever so grateful for your kindness and friendship to me this year.
I wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings!!!
Love & Friendship,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thoughts of ...
Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic has to be one of the prettiest shops around. This blissful bedroom from Rachel's blog, displays Shabby Chic's signature charm of ruffles, pink chiffon dresses and luxurious bedding. Oh how lovely it would be to snuggle in such loveliness...
The creative designer behind this fabulous winter wonderland display is Susie Caliendo of Susie Caliendo Design. Susie is a newborn to the blog world and very excited to share with you her decorating projects and ideas. Susie has been featured in magazines such as, Better Homes & Gardens, South Shore Living, Dovetales and The Decorating Book. She is also the Author of " The Halloween Home". Please stop by Susie's blog and say hello. She would love to hear from you..
One of my favorite blogs to visit is the very sweet, and multi-talented, Jennifer of Pear Street Studios. I love photography and Jen's images are the most beautiful I've seen. This one is just precious of a little girl dressed so daintily gathering apples for her basket. Jen's work is really breathtaking- She captures a feeling, a mood in her images that tells a beautiful story. Please visit Jen's blog today and say hello. You will love what you see!

I will post again soon sweet friends-
Until then, wishing you Sunshine days!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All In PINK of course-

I'm craving PINK today- I can't explain why...perhaps its all the brown and burnt orange leaves on the ground- or the very thought of snow coming. YES, they are saying snow for the weekend..So today, its all about pink-

And, it wouldn't be proper not to include Marie Antoinette!The silk and taffeta, the costumes, and the cake, we can't forget to eat cake...

I never tire of this gorgeous master-piece. I especially love the country scenes where Marie and her friends indulged in rustic living while sipping farm fresh milk from tea cups.

Can you just imagine! ohh, If only for a spell...

Ruffles of Pink...

Laced with ribbons & bows...

Are you getting hungry yet???

Photography courtesy of-


Dresses on trees by- Image: Boboho / copyright Tim Walker

A few Halloween photo's taken at my niece April's house this year... What fun we all had!!! Enjoy!

Moi- What ever happened to Mary Jane???

Cheryl and Steve
Michelle as Marie Antoinette

Until next time sweet friends-Wishing you a beautiful week!