Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is a House Portrait painted for one of my very favorite customers, Nancy from Utah. Her house is absolutely Gorgoues!!! I just hope that I did your beautiful home justice sweet pea...Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

On The Road again! I will be visiting my Dad in Ottawa, Canada for a couple of days next week.! I'm very excited! The trip won't be as long now that Dad is living in Ottawa.( Cuts the trip in half from Nova Scotia.) My whole family have plans to see him at the end of August however, my sister Cheryl and I can't wait that long so we're hopping in the car for a spur of the moment trip to surprise him..We do this alot)... One occasion we drove to Nova Scotia ( a 15 hour ride, to see my brother propose to his GF on stage. We arrived around 9:00 that evening just in time for the ring ceremony...The look on my brothers face when he saw us come in from Boston was priceless... I'll never forget it..We were exhausted to say the least but the memories will last a lifetime.
Here is a recent photo of my sister Cheryl and I at a Susan Tedeschi Concert this summer. Cheryl is related to Susan by marriage( Cher's oldest daughter is married to Susan's brother). Left to right- Mary, Irene, Neil, Susan, Chuck way in the far back, Jane, Me, Cheryl.
SO, back to our trip- Of course little Jessy will be accompanying us.. As some of you know, Jessy is my Dad's dog who is unable to care for him right now..Dad hasn't seen Jessy in 2 months.
Here is Dad and Jessy in Nova Scotia last year.
I found this adorable car seat online. Its perfect and fits Jessy to a tea. He will be perfectly cozy for our trip...

My parents house in Nova Scotia was sold earlier this month. It's bittersweet to have to say good-by. The memories were happy and plentiful...
My Mom's favorite spot was her kitchen table. She enjoyed having tea with Dad and just talking about the days happenings. She always had a fresh bouquet of flowers to dress up the table.. Lilacs were among her favorites. A most familiar scent in my home as well..
Poor Little Jessy, he must miss my mom and dad terribly.
As loved as this orphan puppy dog is in my home, I do see sadness in him at times..So does my Dad.. Looking at photos of Jessy, Dad will say, why does he look so sad?? I do wonder how dogs deal with the loss of their owners and if they do in fact go thru a grieving process..He was very attached to my mother and I remember him sitting by her bedroom door for weeks after she passed. It really makes you wonder what they are thinking and feeling...Jessy has brought so much joy and excitement into my home, that I really don't know what we ever did without him..Hes so much fun to have around and great company.
Dad, Mom and Jessy 2006
A Beautiful view of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...
Its funny, reading this post back, it actually turned out much differently than I had planned. I had photos of a few vintage treasures I found while antiquing over the weekend and a new painting I wanted to share with you, but my thoughts took me else where..I hope you don't mind me reminiscing and thinking out loud..
Before I go, I took photos tonite to show you my newest discovery. This tasty tea by Trader Joes, called "Relax". I have a cup before bed with a small sweet with my husband Mark. Remincent of my parents, who enjoyed a tranquil tea for two, this is the perfect calm to end the day..
Sweet dreams angel friends,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue as the sky were, the simply flowers- We gathered together that day: Tho' dead and dry they recall the hours, Of a happiness pass'd away...
And you gave me some and I took them home, And I treasured those blossoms blue,
Tho' never a flower was needed less: To be given to me by you...
From a 1920 Forget- Me -Not Gift book- C.A Barnard

Hydrangea's bloom in my garden of periwrinke blue and blush pink.
Try decorating a cake with petals from your favorite flowers...This is a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry filling and pink buttercream icing. Yum!
Cacading on my mailbox, blue Clematis vine..A fast grower with gorgoues blooms...Also known as Travelers Joy...
A Rose Portrait
While on one of her nature walks, My sweet friend Julie from captured this beautiful photo of roses cascading everywhere along an old country fence.
Julie asked me if I would portray this photo in an oil painting so she could display her love of roses in her home. She wanted her roses to be more of a pink color, rather then red thats shown in the original photo. Thank you Julie, for allowing me to paint such a santuary of loviness. I hope you like it...
Until next time sweet friends,
I come with flower and love...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Won't you take a walk with me and Jessy ? I promise the view will be delighful!

A stroll along Duxbury beach is roses, arbors and ocean breezes... One of my favorite rose bush along the way..

This is a beautiful Antique home on the waterfront. The view from this house is breathtaking

An abundance of roses

More Roses & fences...

Jessy humors me by letting me take his picture in the lifeguard chair...

Home sweet home...


Home Portrait

This pretty cottage belongs to my sweet customer Kristi. Her house is a quaint ranch style home with an ornate iron fence, an abundance of flowers and a beautiful picture window.

Until next time dear friends!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Rose Painting-
You can find my latest painting on my website in Vintage Finds. This one measures 9x12 with a vintage mood of the past in muted tones and a large pink rose..To purchase click here-

Happy 4th sweet friends! I'm off to the beach.. The sun is finally shining!!!!