Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If I were only allowed one word to discribe Fifi O'Neill it would be " Enchanting"! This dainty, elegant and charming sweetheart of a lady has graced us with her talents on "FIFI TV " What will you find on Fifi TV you ask??? Sweet lavender fields, French cooking, good company and a gracious hostess. A most captivating interlude you will only find from Fifi herself. I have spoken to Miss Fifi via telephone in the past and her demeanor and French accent are truly enchanting; but, to see her up close and personal is pure magic. Fifi is a real natural in front of the camera with an increbible sense of style. And speaking of style, Fifi's outfit is simply adorable! She's very relaxed and poised with a gentle air of fairtale about her. Please be sure and stop over to Fifi's lovely blog to show your suport for Fifi Tv. My prediction? Do not be surprised to see this talented, French princess on network television very soon!
All my Love, Jo-Anne

Monday, October 5, 2009

Have you received the new Fall issue of Dovetales Magazine? Let me give you a hint of what's inside this issue.. My article on the very talented Sara Duckett of Sadie Olive and a tribute to the magnificent Halloween witch.
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The Origins of Halloween.. Traditions, Tales & Folklore...
Halloween's legendary orange glow represents fall's harvest, while the color black was associated with darkness, scary tales, and goblins. Candles were placed in jack-o'-lanterns to ward off spirits and ghosts on the Celt's Samhain holiday. In ancient times, the masses believed that these spirits roamed the Celtic countryside on All Hallows's Eve. Pagan believers wore costumes and masks to hide themselves and avoid being recognized as human. Traditionally, any black spiders that were seen on the eve of October 31st were alleged to be loved ones watching over you. And the so-called sacred Powers of the notorious witch were said to be protected by her mysterious, four-legged friend, the black cat.

Along with old-time favorites, a few of Sara Duckett's specialities are showcased in her successful on-line store Sadie Olive ( www.sadieolive.com).
Visit Sara's beautiful blog- http://www.sadieolive.com/theblog/

These lovely things can be found on my web boutique in Vintage Finds- http://www.vintagerosecollection.com/
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My Angel friend, Fifi O"Neill, Editor of the beautiful magazine, Romantic Country, is hosting a fabulous contest with the prettiest give-a-way ever. You won't want to miss this one! Click here to visit Fifi's charming blog to enter.
Love, Jo-Anne