Monday, August 10, 2009

ohh, how I love the enchanting watercolors of Susan Wheeler. Her irresistible artwork draws from the traditional sentiments of childhood, with the warm and cozy feeling of "Home". Her love of family and home is cherished above all earthy possessions and reflects on a quieter lifestyle.

Strolling the cobblestone walkways of Ottawa, Canada while visiting with my Dad, reminded me of my childhood; When my Dad and I would go to the marketplace and do our weekly shopping.

At Tuckers Marketplace Ottawa-

(Can you see Jessy's little head peeking out of my tote bag on the far left?)

I have a weakness for decorated sugar apples, yum!
We had a wonderful visit with my Dad.He lives in a high rise appartment so when we arrived Dad was anxiously waiting for us at the end of a long hallway. Well, Jessy took one look at Dad and ran into his arms like you see in an old romantic movie. It was just adorable! It was touching to see them together again...( of course I needed tissues...

On the outskirts of Ottawa you will find farm after farm carrying everything from baby carrots, broccoli, beets, corn on the cob and homemade pies. Here we are stopping to buy Dad's favorite, Strawberry Rubarb pie...

On the top photo- left to right-Cousin Debbie, Sue, my sister Cheryl, cousin Jackie, and moi.
Dad is captured top left with the RCMP. Bottom middle, Dad relaxing in the lobby. Bottom left me and jessy. Far bottom right Dad holding little Jessy.

The following day, we all decided to take a ride to our old neighborhood. This is where I was born, Norton Ave in Ottawa. We moved to the US when I was only five, so my memory of this house is vague. However, I do remember sitting on the step one summer day, daydreaming while blowing bubbles, and curiously asking my mother, "Why is my name Jo-Anne"; ( Not exactly crazy about it, and to a 5 year old, names are big... So, I'm thinking, I'll just get mom to change it for me..LOL... My mom recalled this story and remembered me wishing for the name, "Michelle"...As the true story has it, My Godmother's name was Anne, and my Godfather's was Joe, hence Jo-Anne.. I loved them both dearly, and since they couldn't have children, they asked my mom if she would name her new baby girl, Jo-Anne..How adorable is that! Of course my mother thought the sentiment was lovely, and so do I...Thank you Auntie Anne, for a beautiful name...

I would like to leave you with yet another magically painting by Susan Wheeler. A favorite of mine that tells an unspoken story of family, friendship and love...
Until next time angel friends,