Monday, July 27, 2009

On The Road again! I will be visiting my Dad in Ottawa, Canada for a couple of days next week.! I'm very excited! The trip won't be as long now that Dad is living in Ottawa.( Cuts the trip in half from Nova Scotia.) My whole family have plans to see him at the end of August however, my sister Cheryl and I can't wait that long so we're hopping in the car for a spur of the moment trip to surprise him..We do this alot)... One occasion we drove to Nova Scotia ( a 15 hour ride, to see my brother propose to his GF on stage. We arrived around 9:00 that evening just in time for the ring ceremony...The look on my brothers face when he saw us come in from Boston was priceless... I'll never forget it..We were exhausted to say the least but the memories will last a lifetime.
Here is a recent photo of my sister Cheryl and I at a Susan Tedeschi Concert this summer. Cheryl is related to Susan by marriage( Cher's oldest daughter is married to Susan's brother). Left to right- Mary, Irene, Neil, Susan, Chuck way in the far back, Jane, Me, Cheryl.
SO, back to our trip- Of course little Jessy will be accompanying us.. As some of you know, Jessy is my Dad's dog who is unable to care for him right now..Dad hasn't seen Jessy in 2 months.
Here is Dad and Jessy in Nova Scotia last year.
I found this adorable car seat online. Its perfect and fits Jessy to a tea. He will be perfectly cozy for our trip...

My parents house in Nova Scotia was sold earlier this month. It's bittersweet to have to say good-by. The memories were happy and plentiful...
My Mom's favorite spot was her kitchen table. She enjoyed having tea with Dad and just talking about the days happenings. She always had a fresh bouquet of flowers to dress up the table.. Lilacs were among her favorites. A most familiar scent in my home as well..
Poor Little Jessy, he must miss my mom and dad terribly.
As loved as this orphan puppy dog is in my home, I do see sadness in him at times..So does my Dad.. Looking at photos of Jessy, Dad will say, why does he look so sad?? I do wonder how dogs deal with the loss of their owners and if they do in fact go thru a grieving process..He was very attached to my mother and I remember him sitting by her bedroom door for weeks after she passed. It really makes you wonder what they are thinking and feeling...Jessy has brought so much joy and excitement into my home, that I really don't know what we ever did without him..Hes so much fun to have around and great company.
Dad, Mom and Jessy 2006
A Beautiful view of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...
Its funny, reading this post back, it actually turned out much differently than I had planned. I had photos of a few vintage treasures I found while antiquing over the weekend and a new painting I wanted to share with you, but my thoughts took me else where..I hope you don't mind me reminiscing and thinking out loud..
Before I go, I took photos tonite to show you my newest discovery. This tasty tea by Trader Joes, called "Relax". I have a cup before bed with a small sweet with my husband Mark. Remincent of my parents, who enjoyed a tranquil tea for two, this is the perfect calm to end the day..
Sweet dreams angel friends,


SherryRoseBella said...

Jo-Anne....please have a safe trip. You and your sister, Cheryl are so dear to surprise your Dad. I hope little Jessy has a great visit with his Dad, poor little baby. He is so lucky that you & your family love him so much and are taking care of him & I am sure, spoiling him! I love the little car seat!!
Lots of Hugs,

A Romantic Porch said...

Ah, the memories, so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I'm so happy YOU have Jessy! xorachel

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

What a sweet story about your parents, their change of life and their cutie of a dog.
My sisters dog waits each night for her 4 boys to come home each evening...then he knows its time for bed when the last one comes in. They know.
Your dad will be so happy.
Your parents picture is beautiful, and yes, bittersweet memories.
Have fun too.

Jennifer Froh said...

I do agree that our animals must grieve us when we're gone. They know and love their owners as much as we love them... I truly beleive that. Unfortunately they could never understand the reasons for the seperations and I'm sure that's hard :( But Jessy is lucky he has a loving home with you and that he still gets to visit your dad on occasion.
Safe Travels Jo and enjoy yourself. Write us when you get back :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Sweet Jo~Anne, I loved that post and your wonderful memories of your mama and her favorite place to be...I am happy you are going to see your dad and he can see Jessy again...When my dad passed away, my niece inherited his little Italian Greyhound Dino...Dino is spoiled and loved by all of us, but I am sure there are times he wonders where his daddy is...This post was so sweet, it made my cry, I can tell how very close your family is to you...Jo~Anne, you are precious...thank you for showing little Jessy too, he looks adorable in his little doggie carseat...

Anonymous said...

Oh Joanne, how beautiful it is reading the memories.It is so sad living next door and knowing there are strangers in the house. I am glad jessie is with you joanne, now that poor moe cant take care of him.You and cheryl have a happy trip visiting moe, and say hi to him from Pleman and I okay.Thanks for sharing the pictures joanne, I love you. Aunt Rita. Cape Breton

Roberta said...

Very sweet memories Jo! Thanks for sharing from your heart. Have a wonderful trip with your Sis and Dad. The little guy is going to be beside himself when he sees your father!
xo Roberta

Cousin Jenny from NS said...

Hi Jo-anne, thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I believe it helps to write your feelings. Say hi to your dad and wish him well from all of us in Cape Breton. I feel like having a nice cup of tea now. Tea is the best remedy for everything. Take Care. Love Jenny

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Jo,
Have a safe trip to see your dad. I know you will see sunshine in your dad's eyes when he sees Jessy (and you and your sister, of course!). Animals really give a lot of healing power to all ~ just savor it as I know you do all great gifts.

I have to say, your photo is beautiful. You're that way inside and outside, Jo-Anne. Can't wait to hear what your dad has to say after your visit. Wish there was a car seat that big and beautiful for Zeke!

Amy at Rose Hill said...

Once again, you share every day life with such grace and beauty! Wishing you all the best, Jo-Anne, as you visit with your dad and family. Your parents are beautiful! Thank you for their lovely 2006 photo you posted.
Hugs, Amy

Violets Are Blue said...

Hi Jo~Ann! Thank you for sharing your pictures & memories of your parents home in Cape Breton. We too are from the 'Far East', as it is called out here in BC where we are now living. Cape Breton is such a wonderful place and I'm sure your father, along with Jessy, has had some adjusting to do with his new life in Ottawa. He will no doubt be thrilled to see you, your sister and Jessy! Wishing you all a safe, happy, fun trip. I love Jessy's co-pilot travel spot! Patty

Kelley said...

I remember when we first drove to that house...LOL...remember the watergun fights we had inside before they started the work on it? was sooo much fun, we thought your Mom was gonna be soooo mad....we had a blast during those visits and the driving up and down the main street in the new black pick up....ahhh....we had so much fun! LOL...your parents had one more kid...ME! That was the most beautiful of country sides for sure....that must've been sad to see it sell...;O(...but it will be in many peoples hearts forever!