Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have you ever seen more beautiful photos? I love their simplicity and peaceful nature. These are taken by the very talent Danish Designer -Anna from I will be featuring Anna's gorgoues home in an upcoming Dovetales issue. I will keep you posted!

Let me share Anna's beauty with you...

Lushy Lilacs

Lemon pies & white roses...

Peaceful pinks

Home Portraits

This is my sweet customer Amy's adorable cottage home.

Amy from- asked for her home portrait to resemble the recent cottages I've done in the past with a garland of roses around the border and lots of pink flowers.
For information on my home portraits please email me @
Where to find me?
Asked if she could use my home photos for her monthly decorating segment. Thank you for making my home look so inviting Charlsey. You did a wonderful job, thank you!

A tranquil page from my Antique gift book.

Wishing you a blissful Sunday sweet friends!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Won't you take a ride with me to beautiful Cape Cod???

This is my sweet friend Lizzy( Biddie) Davis's adorable shop. Lizzy's shop is located on Rt 6 A, the slow ride to Cape Cod. It's a girls dream home of soft greens, pinks, soft lighting and treasures galore. Her gorgoues hand crafted pillows, quilts and tote bags compare to none. Just have a look around and see for yourself..
As you walk in to the shop Lizzy' delicate mannerism is their to greet you...( Wish you would have let me take your picture.. She is beautiful!

Lizzy's favorite cream vase..

I really had to hold myself back from taking this French pink dress form home with me..Irresistable don't you think?

An elegant pale blue dressing table...

Lace dresses are in abundance...
When vacationing on Cape Cod this summer be sure and visit Lizzy's quaint little shop...
Dennis Village right on 6A Cape Cod.

Sara Duckett

Do you know?? Of Sara Duckett, owner of Sadie Olive If not, your in for a real treat... Sara will be featured in the Fall issue of Dovetales magazine coming out in late Sept. She's one of the most talented ladies I've met, and her creativity never cease to amaze me. From shop owner, to web designer, and now photographer. What makes Sara so unique is her dedication to excellence in every art form she persues.. Shes a true blue entrepreneur who walks to the beat of her own drum. A genuine eye for perfection...
I see great things for this sweet little lady, and may I say, Well Deserved!!!!!!

Let me leave you with this cute puppy to bring a smile..Until next time sweet friends,

Sweet Dreams, Jo-Anne

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Variety- Eden Climber & Sarah Bernhardt Peony. Loveliness!

and peonies from my garden. Aren't they scrumptious! This is my first peony bush and I was thrilled to have such a harvest this soon. The blooms are exploding with fragrance and has delicate pale pink fluffy petals.

Jessy can't resist their sweet aroma...

Dovetales magazine is out in stores now.. If you are a subscriber, you should be getting yours in the mail very soon. In this issue I did a feature story on one of my favorite Swedish Designers, Anette from Her style and eye for design has her in a class all of her own. A sneak peek into Anette's home in Dovetales Summer 2009.

Next, is a piece I did on Jean from Horse Feather Antiques, the beautiful scenic rt 6A on Cape Cod. Jean is a veteran of decorating magazines and one look into her serene home will tell you why... This issue is a must see!!!!

You can see both these articles plus much more decorating tips by visiting your local Barnes & Noble or order on line at-

Cute Quote-

Don’t ever wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it.
—Cale Yarborough

Until next time sweet friends, Keep smiling!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you just imagine??? Cruising down the countryside and spotting this pony in pink. It seems perfectly sensible to me, But according to my son Andrew, this is just wrong, its not right!
So, after showing Andrew the photo above of the horse in pink ruffles, he's feeling much better about our Jessy with a bow and a bright yellow raincoat. He refused to go outside when it was raining, so the jacket is perfect for keeping him dry. As you can probably tell, I am a bragging, proud mama..I'm really enjoying this little guy!!!
A beautiful site- A proud mama swan and her babies swimming in my sisters backyard.


I found this fabulous old frame in an antique shop many moons ago but never found just the right print or painting to fit as its an odd size..So I decided to paint the back of the glass first in a pinky shade, and then I added roses with a High Tea saying..This will be going to a dear friend of mine Nancy of Utah!


Where has this girl been hiding????

Love Love Nancy's Mosiac designs from

I stumbled on her work from Sandy of Nancy designed Sandy's back splash in her kitchen which is out of this world! You must have a look-


One of my favorite antique gift books...

Until next time my dear friends, Happy Days!!!