Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inspired by a customer who was in hot pursuit of pretty Vintage looking Jar labels for her kitchen and powder room. These gorgeous labels were inspired by my logo design and inscripted with, Tea, Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Soap and Bath Salts in white lettering.

Free custom printing available upon request. To purchase click here-


The inspiring power of books brings me to my latest design of beautiful bookmarks. Sweetly inscripted " The Quiet Hour" for a peaceful interlude of reading. To purchase go to my web boutique-

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In an earlier post I wrote about this "Graceful" Mirror that I found at an antique shop. What I love so much about this is the unique etching that resembles a lace doily, its lovely. Its finally completed! The roses I've painted in oils with pinks and soft greenery. I think it gives it an heirloom feel. You can purchase this on my website at-


BIG NEWS!!! The March Spring issue of Dovetales Magazine should be in about 20 independent book stores from Boston to Cape Cod. And, by the Summer issue, we should start showing up in the regional chains, Stop & Shop, Hanaford, Borders, Walmart, Target etc.

Congratulations Michelle! Your passion, unique vision, perseverance and hard work has made for a STUNNING MAGAZINE!!!

If you have not yet subscribed to this gorgeous home decorating magazine, nows the time to take advantage of this great savings- 25% off the cover price. This upcoming year promises to be are best yet. The New Spring issue is all about getting organized, and ROSES, while the Summer issue caters to Lace, Roses and Brides. You won't want to miss a single issue! Heres where to order-


Coming very soon is my second painting for the Gift Book Collection.. I will list this soon!

Sweet Friends, I hope you are enjoying the last days of winter.. I can feel spring in the air!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am very pleased to announce my new series of Gift Book paintings. I’ve been increasingly inspired by Antique Gift Books and admired the petite illustrations in them such as, cozy cottages, peaceful meadows, wild flower fields and florals. My collection of Original paintings inspired by these books will be coming up in the following weeks, this one being the first in this series. To purchase click on the link below-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Is, simply peaceful... It's a word that can describe a person, a trait, mannerism, an act of kindness, a movement, an exist, a look, a table setting, a delicate flower, a way of life and so on...As lovely as God has made our gardens so is the expression of human nature. Living Gracefully is the signature of God in our lives...I have relied on this more than ever this past year. I could not have prepared my heart for my mothers passing, nor do I have control over the terminal illness my father faces today... Allowing Grace to enter in our uncertain world invites  stillness, awareness, a sense of calm in the things we may not understand. I find myself at a cross road, as many of you. I have faith in stillness, as it brings me enlightenment, knowledge and a new perspective. I don't know what 2009 will hold, but I am hopeful...

Each day-
Chose Grace- For I am
Chose Love- I will love God and what God loves
Chose Joy-I will invite God to be the God of all circumstance
Chose Peace-I will forgive so I shall live
Chose patience-I will overlook the inconvenience of the world
Chose Kindness- I will be kind to the poor as they are alone
Chose Faithfulness-Today I will keep my promises
Chose Gentleness- If I raise my voice may it only be in praise
Chose Self-Control-I am a spiritual being

*Book- Grace for the moment by Max Lucado*

I was sad to hear the news of Rachel Ashwell's closing of some stores.. 
 Shabby Chic has made a huge impact on the design world, you would think this is cause for alarm. I see it as a re-birth, a renewal.. An opportunity to focus on the fundamentals of our time... As designers, What drives our inner most being is what will survive in our suffering economy. Our passion...Simplicity and Quality, in their purest essence...

 This angelic photo of Grace Kelly is the epitome of Grace, beauty & composure.

***A work in progress
I am back in my studio painting. I found this "Graceful" Mirror at an antique shop. I haven't seen anything quite like it. A lace doily is engraved in the center..It's really quite stunning. As you can see the roses have not taken form. I should be completed in a day or two.. Check back again as I will post photos...

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