Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My little Charlie Brown tree sits upon a table top decked in glitter, roses and trinkets... I wanted something different this year and this petit tree looked like it needed alittle love...

Antique view cards make interesting decorations.

Loved the part where the angel said, You see George, you really did have a wonderful life. do you see what it would be to throw it all away. A man's life touches so many other lives... it leaves an aweful hole when they are not there....

Wishing you, my sweet friends, the happiest of holidays. May all your christmas wishes come true..
With Love,

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just when you thought Dovetales Magazine couldn't get any better, well it just has- Dovetales will be available ONLINE, Tuesday, as a down-loadable color pdf file of the entire issue! This new feature can only be seen on the Dovetales website and will act as a continuing edition of the magazine with links, articles, blogs AND, fantastic advertising opportunities.

Here's a sneak peek of my article " Winter Whites" on one of my all time favorite blogs, Anette of Laniff from Sweden. Anette's gorgeous array of Christmas gifts in a vintage suitcase made the front cover.

Congratulations dear friend!

If you would like to advertize online with Dovetales click below for more info-

Dovetales Magazine

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

With glitter and trinkets scattered all over the house, my holiday decorating has official begun. My style now, and for Christmas is ever changing and I find myself slipping more and more away from all the fufu pink and over the top decorating. My motto, Less is soo much more. I have always preferred a muted palette and although that still remains, the girly pink has been replaced with sophiscated greys, pure whites, creams and browns. As you can see this is a much simplier look embracing architectural elements, mecury glass, cut glass glitter boxes and silver sleighs. Simply yet elegant.

Cut glass glitter box with satin ribbon makes for a delightful gift all on its own..

White flowers all aglow in a mecury vase..

Love this cutie but I need to keep it up high..My little Jessy thinks this furry sleigh is a relative...
Photo's of my tree are coming very soon sweet friends..
In the meantime, I would love to hear how you decorate your home for the holidays!
Love & Friendship,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A quick hello and a warm, heartfelt Thanksgiving blessing to you my sweet friends. I'm not cooking this year, just a batch of double fudge brownies and garlic green beans. YUMMIE! The brownies are in the oven, I lit a cozy fire and there is a generous dose of Christmas music on the radio. A no -no usually before Christmas but I've indulged early. I do love to listen to the oldies, like Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and Andy William's classics. I remember last year my Dad made the trip from Canada to be with us on Thanksgiving. He loved this holiday most of all as he said, there is no pressure like the busyness Christmas can bring. Just a nice quiet, relaxing day enjoying a meal with your family. I'll be going to my sister Susie's house this year who has graciously opened her home to 15 of us. The table will be set beautifully as Susie always does, with a bountiful of our favorite comfort foods we love. We thought we would set a place at the table in memory of my dear mom and dad. This year will not be the same without them, there is an emptiness in my heart that can not be filled. I am truly thankful for the gift of being their daughter and knowing the most extraordinary human-beings on earth. I love and miss you mom and dad, so very much...
To you my sweet friends, you are a true blessing in my life. And, I am ever so grateful for your kindness and friendship to me this year.
I wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings!!!
Love & Friendship,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thoughts of ...
Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic has to be one of the prettiest shops around. This blissful bedroom from Rachel's blog, displays Shabby Chic's signature charm of ruffles, pink chiffon dresses and luxurious bedding. Oh how lovely it would be to snuggle in such loveliness...
The creative designer behind this fabulous winter wonderland display is Susie Caliendo of Susie Caliendo Design. Susie is a newborn to the blog world and very excited to share with you her decorating projects and ideas. Susie has been featured in magazines such as, Better Homes & Gardens, South Shore Living, Dovetales and The Decorating Book. She is also the Author of " The Halloween Home". Please stop by Susie's blog and say hello. She would love to hear from you..
One of my favorite blogs to visit is the very sweet, and multi-talented, Jennifer of Pear Street Studios. I love photography and Jen's images are the most beautiful I've seen. This one is just precious of a little girl dressed so daintily gathering apples for her basket. Jen's work is really breathtaking- She captures a feeling, a mood in her images that tells a beautiful story. Please visit Jen's blog today and say hello. You will love what you see!

I will post again soon sweet friends-
Until then, wishing you Sunshine days!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All In PINK of course-

I'm craving PINK today- I can't explain why...perhaps its all the brown and burnt orange leaves on the ground- or the very thought of snow coming. YES, they are saying snow for the weekend..So today, its all about pink-

And, it wouldn't be proper not to include Marie Antoinette!The silk and taffeta, the costumes, and the cake, we can't forget to eat cake...

I never tire of this gorgeous master-piece. I especially love the country scenes where Marie and her friends indulged in rustic living while sipping farm fresh milk from tea cups.

Can you just imagine! ohh, If only for a spell...

Ruffles of Pink...

Laced with ribbons & bows...

Are you getting hungry yet???

Photography courtesy of-


Dresses on trees by- Image: Boboho / copyright Tim Walker

A few Halloween photo's taken at my niece April's house this year... What fun we all had!!! Enjoy!

Moi- What ever happened to Mary Jane???

Cheryl and Steve
Michelle as Marie Antoinette

Until next time sweet friends-Wishing you a beautiful week!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If I were only allowed one word to discribe Fifi O'Neill it would be " Enchanting"! This dainty, elegant and charming sweetheart of a lady has graced us with her talents on "FIFI TV " What will you find on Fifi TV you ask??? Sweet lavender fields, French cooking, good company and a gracious hostess. A most captivating interlude you will only find from Fifi herself. I have spoken to Miss Fifi via telephone in the past and her demeanor and French accent are truly enchanting; but, to see her up close and personal is pure magic. Fifi is a real natural in front of the camera with an increbible sense of style. And speaking of style, Fifi's outfit is simply adorable! She's very relaxed and poised with a gentle air of fairtale about her. Please be sure and stop over to Fifi's lovely blog to show your suport for Fifi Tv. My prediction? Do not be surprised to see this talented, French princess on network television very soon!
All my Love, Jo-Anne

Monday, October 5, 2009

Have you received the new Fall issue of Dovetales Magazine? Let me give you a hint of what's inside this issue.. My article on the very talented Sara Duckett of Sadie Olive and a tribute to the magnificent Halloween witch.
Click here to order your copy of Dovetales-

The Origins of Halloween.. Traditions, Tales & Folklore...
Halloween's legendary orange glow represents fall's harvest, while the color black was associated with darkness, scary tales, and goblins. Candles were placed in jack-o'-lanterns to ward off spirits and ghosts on the Celt's Samhain holiday. In ancient times, the masses believed that these spirits roamed the Celtic countryside on All Hallows's Eve. Pagan believers wore costumes and masks to hide themselves and avoid being recognized as human. Traditionally, any black spiders that were seen on the eve of October 31st were alleged to be loved ones watching over you. And the so-called sacred Powers of the notorious witch were said to be protected by her mysterious, four-legged friend, the black cat.

Along with old-time favorites, a few of Sara Duckett's specialities are showcased in her successful on-line store Sadie Olive (
Visit Sara's beautiful blog-

These lovely things can be found on my web boutique in Vintage Finds-
New 2010 calendars are here, And feminine note books featuring my photography of pretty rooms and poems. Available in Stationary of my website.

My Angel friend, Fifi O"Neill, Editor of the beautiful magazine, Romantic Country, is hosting a fabulous contest with the prettiest give-a-way ever. You won't want to miss this one! Click here to visit Fifi's charming blog to enter.
Love, Jo-Anne

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello sweet friends! I want to thank you all for your kind emails to me over the last month or so. Some of you asking, Where are you, are you ok??? I have been spending my time in Canada with my Father as he became very ill from prostrate cancer.. My sweet Dad passed peacefully with his 5 children by his side on Friday, September 18th. My Dad was the most amazing man I've ever known. A true gentlemen who lived for his family and served the Lord everyday of his life.
He is playing music for the angels now, and I know my mom has a front row seat. She waited along time for Dad to come home to her, and she is smiling at him. I love you so very much Dad; You are my hero...
My Dad was an incredible musician and played beautiful music all of us life. In 2004, He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Ottawa Canada, honoring him for his musical contributions.
If you would like a copy of my Dad's cd of easy listening favorite piano tunes, please email me at A lovely Dinner music Cd. All the proceeds will benefit the cancer society. $6.99 plus S&H.
This is the last photo taken with my Dad in August.

Rest in Peace Dad, I love you so very much...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I noticed this saying on a vacation cottage while walking along the shoreline of humarock Ma. "Summer Rest". I thought, how simply put. It's surroundings were so humble, so peaceful. " I couldn't imagine a more welcoming notion at that moment. For me, the sign symbolized the passing of a season; but also, a comforting reminder, it's only temporary.
Though, as predictable as the seasons are, and its returning life, its sad letting go... I guess you could say that about many things in life. I know this to be true and this gives me hope and peace of mind...
Love always,

Monday, August 10, 2009

ohh, how I love the enchanting watercolors of Susan Wheeler. Her irresistible artwork draws from the traditional sentiments of childhood, with the warm and cozy feeling of "Home". Her love of family and home is cherished above all earthy possessions and reflects on a quieter lifestyle.

Strolling the cobblestone walkways of Ottawa, Canada while visiting with my Dad, reminded me of my childhood; When my Dad and I would go to the marketplace and do our weekly shopping.

At Tuckers Marketplace Ottawa-

(Can you see Jessy's little head peeking out of my tote bag on the far left?)

I have a weakness for decorated sugar apples, yum!
We had a wonderful visit with my Dad.He lives in a high rise appartment so when we arrived Dad was anxiously waiting for us at the end of a long hallway. Well, Jessy took one look at Dad and ran into his arms like you see in an old romantic movie. It was just adorable! It was touching to see them together again...( of course I needed tissues...

On the outskirts of Ottawa you will find farm after farm carrying everything from baby carrots, broccoli, beets, corn on the cob and homemade pies. Here we are stopping to buy Dad's favorite, Strawberry Rubarb pie...

On the top photo- left to right-Cousin Debbie, Sue, my sister Cheryl, cousin Jackie, and moi.
Dad is captured top left with the RCMP. Bottom middle, Dad relaxing in the lobby. Bottom left me and jessy. Far bottom right Dad holding little Jessy.

The following day, we all decided to take a ride to our old neighborhood. This is where I was born, Norton Ave in Ottawa. We moved to the US when I was only five, so my memory of this house is vague. However, I do remember sitting on the step one summer day, daydreaming while blowing bubbles, and curiously asking my mother, "Why is my name Jo-Anne"; ( Not exactly crazy about it, and to a 5 year old, names are big... So, I'm thinking, I'll just get mom to change it for me..LOL... My mom recalled this story and remembered me wishing for the name, "Michelle"...As the true story has it, My Godmother's name was Anne, and my Godfather's was Joe, hence Jo-Anne.. I loved them both dearly, and since they couldn't have children, they asked my mom if she would name her new baby girl, Jo-Anne..How adorable is that! Of course my mother thought the sentiment was lovely, and so do I...Thank you Auntie Anne, for a beautiful name...

I would like to leave you with yet another magically painting by Susan Wheeler. A favorite of mine that tells an unspoken story of family, friendship and love...
Until next time angel friends,