Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gabrielle Coco Chanel? Have you seen this movie yet on Lifetime? The woman who gave us the " Little Black Dress and Marilyn's famous one liner! The costumes, set design and locations were stunning to watch. The only thing missing from this romantic and inspiring movie was Shirley McLaine's French accent... Just wished I could have seen more of her, she was wonderful in this well as Audrey Tautou who plays a young Coco.
My chic pick of the week!

Sweet Sherry from Sherry's Rose Cottage- "" tagged me!!

Sherry is one of my long time customers as well as a dear friend. Her home warms my heart with the most stunning Victorian treasures you'll find. Every single room is a show place. Please stop by and visit Sherry and take a peek at her beautiful photo gallery.

I guess I'm supose to list 7 things that most people don't know about me...Ok, here we go...

1. I was born in Ottawa, Canada; Then at the age of 5 we moved to Massachusetts.
2. I've been known to indulge in Eddy's double fudge brownie ice cream for dinner.

3. I have been busy focusing on new designs for the New Year including my first book that’s in the making. My goal is to have it complete by 2009

4. Lately I have been inspired by Swedish d├ęcor. It introduces pure crisp whites, greenery, mercury glass and darker antiques. While the look remains very much Shabby Chic its style is simply, without a lot of pattern and color. The best word to describe it is "heavenly". ( Photo from Malin at-

5. I like to go out for Italian cuisine, curling up by a fire with a book, and the ocean.

6. My Dad is my mentor, my friend, and my biggest inspiration.
7. I grew up in a musical family as some of you may know, but did you know that I was a singer in a band? AHH, Hard to believe now!

At the young age of 13, my brothers ( Moe, Glenn and I, join my dad on stage playing at weddings, and local clubs. When I turned 20, I joined my older brother Moe, and together we toured all across Eastern Canada. My song-list included Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Heart to name a few.

Well, thats a few tid bits about myself.. Now it's my turn to pass on the fun..

Oh boy, I could go on and on but the rules say pick only 6. Roberta, Sanya, Barbara, Fifi, Suzy and Tracie are sweet friends who I admire for their geninine goodness, their unique talents, Authunticity in their craft, and friendship. You all furfill the meaning of " Beautiful Purposeful Blogging:

Roberta from Tresor Trouve
Barbara Jacksier from The Book blog-
Sanya from In The Pink Antiques - Fifi from Chez Fifif -
Tracie from My Petite Maison-
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My dear friend Natalie has done it again... She has sent me inspiring tips on how to save big. I found this to be very useful hope you will too...

It has been fun to hear what you all think and to read your money saving ideas too. I give Glory to God alone for His inspiration for these.. He is our encourager and is in every detail of our lives. I know He wants us to be good stewards.
Save big-- want to know the secret to "saving big" is?! Don't buy what you don't need. I know you all hear this over and over from me but after the two year clean out I can never say this not buy what YOU DO NOT NEED! In America we are impulse buyers that is a fact and you know why? Temptation is every where row after row of goods. Need a nice dishcloth? you will have to walk about 10 aisles to find them then you will have way too many choices to choose from. We all need to get blinders on and get really tough with ourselves and say NO! The other thing I hear women and myself say is.. oh but it was on sale for a really good price!!! What I realized was that I had piles of "good stuff" that was on sale that I never used. All it makes for is clutter..clutter every where and you keep adding more on sale stuff to what you already had. This will not be easy but you must stop and pray for God to guide you. We have been blessed America.. we really have!! so now is the time to share what you have with others and start to say NO.

Start today--plan to give to good organizations or friends in need, have a huge yard sale, or get those items to the thrift store. For some of us that are getting ready to PCS now is the time to do so. And make a promise to yourself that now that your starting over you will not get into this bad habit again. Every move we have ever made I have always seen as a fresh start and a do over. What did I learn here that I will never do when we move? Think on this and if your where you will always be you can still do a "do over". Maybe this will be the time you paint the inside of the house and redecorate after your done cleaning out your clutter & with the money you make from your huge yard sale you can buy one nice new item.

God bless you my friends..God has been so patient with me and I have had so much to learn from Him that is why I pass all this onto you. Lord knows I am not perfect but we have a loving Father that is..give your plans to Him and He will make your paths straight..happy clean out! xo Natalie

The plans of the diligent leads to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. Proverbs 21:5

Wishing you a beautiful week my sweet friends :)



Suzy said...

Hi my sweet Jo-Anne,
thank you for tagging me I love these get-to-know games. I didn't know that you have singed in a band, that must have been fun. I hardly can imagine you so gentle in a rock band.
Lovely post. Thanks again for thinking about me.

Love Suzy

TattingChic said...

I LOVED Coco! I have always been in awe of her talent and most admired where she came from and her transformation. She was an amazing woman. She also got us out of whalebones and into PANTS! There is NOT one woman alive today who's fashion isn't influenced by Coco Chanel!

SherryRoseBella said...

Hi Jo-Anne!
I must say that everything you do is so pretty and romantic...even playing the tag game!!lol You gave it a new dimension with your wonderful pictures about your life. I want to thank you so much for playing! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it, that you are writing a book!! You are such a treasure and such a beautiful lady!
Love & Hugs, Sherry

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I don't know how, but you even do a tag with style and grace, sweet friend.

I am happy to hear you're working on a book, that's really something to look forward to in the future. Now we share something else, the love of Swedish decorating - so soothing, isn't it? I was surprised to hear about the rock band, but covering Stevie Nicks & Heart are wonderful choices! Thank you for sharing all the interesting facts about you and for passing it on to me... I will definitely have to give it some good thought.

Ooh, I love that photo of Marilyn, it's beautiful and the one of Coco as well. I really enjoyed the Coco Chanel movie this weekend and have saved it to watch again ~ even her little apartment was darling with hardly any furniture in it. Which brings me to Natalie's thoughts, so wise - thank you for sharing.

Talk soon, sweet Jo-Anne ~ enjoy your chocolate for dinner ;)

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi Tracie,
yes, I thought it might be a surprize to most.. Music has always been my families heritage as it goes back two generations of musicians. My father was our teacher and mentor and even cut an album back in his prime. As we got older we wanted to branch out on our own and play a more contempory music. Stevie Nicks was a big influence in my teens as I loved her gentle and mystical style...My singing career ended early but my brothers and dad continue the music which is wonderful for my kids to see and grow up with..
Holidays are always great fun when we are all together..
Love to you,

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

And all God'd children said, "AMEN!".

M ^..^

Kristin said...

ohh I watched the first half of the coco chanel movie, but I missed the second half..I was so upset that I missed it..the part of the movie that I did see was soo fabulous!!! and I loved reading the things we didnt know about you, how awesome that you were in a band..

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

A book? I can hardly wait to see that!!!!

A Romantic Porch said...

Jo~Anne what interesting tag tid bits! Your are truly creative in everyway. Thanks for great advice on saying NO to things that we don't need. I've been giving this a lot of thought for about 2 years now. Your blog is beautiful so I'm very anxious to see your book. I need to get the magazine too. Thanks for sharing. xo rachel

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Oh!! I missed that movie!
Hopefully they will rerun it.
How exciting about your book!!
Cant wait to see what you do everything is just beautiful!

Becky said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I loved that you played tag. Finding out about you was fun. I was surprised that you are a musician and I would guess a very good one. How nice to have had a father that influenced you in the arts and what good memories you must have.
I too am excited about your book.
I can only imagine what beauty will be on those pages.
And Natalie hit the nail on the head with her tip. However I really will NEED a picture from you one day in the future when our old Victorian is

Maureen said...

I had to miss Coco Chanel due to Hurricane Ike. I live in the Houston area. I emailed Lifetime Channel to request to re-air the movie but never receive reply from them. I would love to have a copy of the movie.

Houston, Texas and my relatives lives in Salem, Mass.

Gina said...

You are such a facinating and talented woman.